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Mustang Illustrated – WINTER 1987


  • The ins and outs of hammers.

Trick Ideas

  • Cordless soldering tool.

Repro Wonder

  • Convertible class, ’65 style.

Good Looks

  • With this spoiler kit, that’s what you’ll have.

Project ’65: Part One

  • Body basics.

The Building Blocks Of Performance

  • The 351 for Super Stock.

Proof Of Concept

  • The Saleen Mustang wins the Mosport 24-hour.

Too Hot!

  • The First Pro Street Shelby

Fast And Furious

  • The quickest and fastest Pro Stock Mustang.

Snake Heaven

  • The Shelby American Automobile Club’s Eleventh Annual Convention.

Imsa Gto Mustang

  • Another killer Roush road racer.

First Look

  • The GT for 1987, more power, new looks.

More Power, Again!

  • 225 horses in ’87 — from where does it come?

The Science Of Shine

  • The experts talk about car wax.

R Model Magic

  • The R’s for race!

How To Rebuild Your Steering Box

  • Back to basics.

Mustanger’s Library

  • Book Reviews: Beating the Radar Rap (Dale Smith and John Tomerlin / Bonus Books); Auto Racing/USA, the Year in Review, 1985 Volume 3 (Edited by Leslie Ann Taylor / Anlon Press); Automotive Electrical Handbook (Jim Horner / HP Books)

The Boss 302 Trans-Am Mustangs

  • A bit of history dear to our hearts.

Something Different

  • Europe’s “Mustang” is our Merkur XR4Ti.

Mustang Illustrated – SPRING 1987

Ford Country

  • Bolte’s Bummer; International Club Participation; Ford at SEMA; Wanted!; A Stretched What?; Not Fords’ Best Weekend!; And at Palm Springs; “New Cobra Registry”; I’ll Bet on the Fords!; It’s Showtime!; A Rolling Car Show

Tool Crib

  • Small Parts Washers

Glittering Pair

  • The bright lights of Las Vegas pale in comparison. Las Vegas Mustang Lover Ed Strickler Has a Show ‘n Go Combination That’s Hard to Beat! 1964-1/2 Mustang convertible, 1970 Boss 302.

Cooling Your Steed

  • Water and oil cooling basics

A Real Puke

  • A less flattering name for a vital cooling component: Keeping things “Ship-Shape” Inside The Engine Room.

Black On Black

  • Nothing turns heads like your basic black. Ray Patterson’s 1965 Mustang GT Coupe.

Tanks A Lot

  • How to gain extra fuel storage for your early Mustang.

B&M Blower Basics

  • We follow along as B&M develops their supercharger for use on a Ford small-block.

Gone Hollywood

  • Video producer Ricker Walker’s outrageous blown ’66 convertible. This issue’s cover car.

Big-Block Build-Up — Part I

  • An economical 460 Ford build-up — DeGroff style!


  • A round-up of the best shows from Arizona, California, Oklahoma and Texas.

Cheap Insurance

  • One of the Best Investments You Can Make: On-Board Fire Extinguisher Systems are a Cheap Investment Against Loss From Fire!

Two Sheets To The Wind

  • Our first adventure into Fords other-than-Mustang. If One Blower is Good, Then Two Must Be Even Better! Larry D. Hart Jr. & Sr’s 1972 DeTomoso Pantera.

A Stitch In Time

  • Curing that uncomfortable “Seat of the Pants” feeling: J’s Auto Upholstery shows how to install a new interior.

A Straight Six That Really Ticks

  • Bill Ruane’s 1966 Mustang Coupe proves you don’t need eight cylinders to fly.

A Shocking Subject

  • Quad shocks for late ‘Stangs — The Ford Motorsport Way!

Capricious Capri

  • Capris are almost Mustangs, and John Giles modified 1983 is nice one!

Flyin’ Fords At The Finals

  • Bob Glidden takes win number 52 at Pomona.

Million Dollar Drag Race

  • A short afternoon’s work earns a cool million bucks.

Star Of The Show

  • Though Retired from Movies and TV, Randy Lynn’s ’73 is still in the limelight.

Club Directory

Done Right!

  • Is there really any other way to do things? With 32 Wins in Eighteen Months, David & Isolda Finner’s 1968 Fastback is No Slouch!

Hog Wild!

  • Bill Reed’s 1964 Fairlane is a Dearborn Blue Bruiser.

Mustang Illustrated – SUMMER 1987

Born To Race

  • Gary “The Boss” Henkel’s homebuilt 1970 Boss 302 vintage racer is in the Parnelli Jones tradition.

Ford Country

  • Showing Some Class; Join Team Glidden!; Hib’s Happy Home; Ford Challenge; More Help Wanted; Early Mustang Six Membership Growing!; Late Model Mustangers Message of Good News!; World’s Fastest & Quickest Saleen Mustang

Tool Crib

  • Kit Engine Stand for Home Use

Genuine Ford Family

  • How Ya Gonna Keep Them Down On THe Farm? Brent & Terrie Hajek’s ’60s, Ford factory, supercar collection!

Keeping It Stiff

  • Tightening up the old “act” with Global West’s frame connectors.

Knott’s Berry Farm/All Ford Day

  • With 2,000 plus Fords gathered in one place there was a little something for everyone.

The Weakest Link

  • Putting a Reider Racing Dana 44 under your late-model Mustang.

Teacher’s Pet

  • High school teacher Mark Schock’s ’66 fastback project.

Found — The Mysterious Missing Shelby

  • The second GT-350 Shelby convertible of only six that were built surfaces just in time for “cover-boy” Jay Leno to give it a whirl.

Comedian’s Cobra

  • The funniest guy in Hollywood’s very own brand of fun! Jay Leno’s replica 427 Cobra.

Team Motorcraft

  • A brief look at Ford’s factory effort for 1987. Quality parts and quality people make for a quality racing team.

The New 1987 Glidden

  • Motorcraft sponsorship, new T-bird sheetmetal and more misery for the Pro-Stock troops. Jerry Haas Race Cars and Bob Glidden and Family have built themselves a pair of the meanest, sleekest, 1987 T-Bird Pro-Stockers around.

Ricky Rudd’s Racer

  • Yes, Ricky Rudd has driven a Ford lately…and at over 200 mph!

Rare Pony

  • Could this 1985 Saleen Mustang convertible be destined for “Collector Car” status?

Class Racing In A Classy Way

  • How to be competitive with a car right off the showroom floor. Barry Shepard turned his 1985 5-speed 302HO Mustang GT into a Pure stock Eliminator drag racer.

Project 460 Part Ii

  • Finishing off the top end and the final assembly of our 460 big-block.

Double Thunder

  • An apples and oranges comparison of the 1987 turbo-four and V8 versions of the Ford Thunderbird.

Total Coverage

  • Giving an early Mustang convertible top the “Full Treatment.”

Top-Loader Tech

  • A four-speed fix for bullet-proof performance.

Club Corner

  • Ford Car Club Directory.

Diamond In The Rough

  • Alice Gruenke’s “Family Project”: a 1966 deluxe-interior GT convertible.

Drummer’s Delight

  • The sounds made by rock and roll drummer Don Sarian’s 1971 351 Mach-1 are music to his ears.

Mustang Illustrated – FALL 1987

A Real Attention Getter

  • Sal Reza’s yellow on yellow homebuilt ’65 Mustang fastback.

Ford Country

  • Death of Dean Moon; Cobra-Replica Open House; Roadside Rembrandt John Cerney; Austin Craig’s one-of-a-kind Notch-back Saleen; New Corral for California Mustang; Rick Kirk’s Gas Ronda ’65 cammer Mustang and Hayden Proffitt’s S.O.H.C. Comet; Brent and Terri Hajek restore Wickersham Ford A/FX Mustang; Curt Voight restores Al Joniac’s 1966 “BATCAR” Mustang; Motorsport shoes; “Ricky Rudd” spelling correction; Vintage Falcon Race Car ID Contest Winner; E-Ticket Ride

Tool Crib

  • Tool Saving Tool: Paragrave Corporation’s “Identigrave” system.


  • Mini only in name, it’s one of the best street machine happenings in the southwest.

The White Glove

  • (Un)-doing the dirty deed underneath the hood of a 1969 Mustang.

The Name Game

  • A glimpse at some very interesting personalized license plates from the Ford enthusiast family.

Mustangs At Miramar

  • Santa Barbara’s famous Miramar Hotel hosts the eighth annual M.O.C.C. event by the sea.

Showroom Stock Report: Team Saleen ’87

  • The making of Steve Saleen’s SCCA Showroom Stock GT winning “Killer Bees” from the ground up.

Koup Kraziness

  • Contrary to the old hot rodders’ axiom, coupes ARE NOT for chickens! Don Pulford’s 1965; Stacey Dunn’s 1964-1/2; Chad Stene’s 1970; Lance Ford’s 1966 Mustang Super Gasser; Peter Peugh’s 1965; Sam Ramano’s 1966

Supercharged Street Stang

  • Ron Lance adds a whole new meaning to Ford’s “H.O.” designation on the late model Mustang with a B.D.S. blower in his 1983.

Pro-Street ’67

  • Jim Hosey’s “454-Ford” 1967 Pro-Street cover car.

Mid-American Shelby Meet

  • One of the greatest “regional” events throughout the Mustang/Shelby populace!

In The Pink

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the limited edition “Playboy Pink” Mustangs but were afraid to ask. Chris Lozier’s 1970 convertible.

Bolt Out Of The Blue

  • Randy Gillis’ cover car Multi-class 1976 Mustang II.

Sonic Science

  • An exercise where “The Thicker, The Better” when checking out Ford engine blocks.

A Trip To The Powder Room

  • Modern powder coating is the answer to preserving those valuable collector car components.

Fabulous Fairlanes

  • A look at a factory and a home-built version of Ford’s Fabulous Fairlanes. Brian Hackett’s 1967 “R” 427 and Mick McIntosh’s 460-powered 1963 Ford Fairlane.

Motorsport (Super) Nationals

  • That’s the only way you can describe Maple Grove Dragway’s second annual “All-Ford” happening. It’s the biggest on the East Coast.

Battling Small-Blocks

  • A dynometer shootout between nitrous oxide burning versions of Ford’s H.O. 302 four barrel and E.F.I. small-block engines.

Red ‘N Rare

  • John Campbell’s rare 1967 Shelby 427-powered GT-500.

Purebred To Perfection

  • A different kind of thoroughbred from the stables of Dr. Fred Northrop: A 1966 Mustang GT Convertible.

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