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Mustang Monthly – January 1983

Shop Tips

  • Backup Lamps Remain Illuminated (1965 and 1966 Mustang – All Vehicles Equipped With Three of Four Speed Standard Transmission)

Shop Tips

  • Rear Axle Noise Transmittal (1967 Mustangs Equipped With The GT or Optional Handling Package (Excluding the Competition Handling Package) and Built Prior to January 1, 1967.)

Shop Tips

  • Improving Ignition Timing Pointer Visibility (1968 Thermactor Equipped 390 CID Engines)

Shop Tips

  • Loose Inside Rear View Mirror (1967-68 Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Radio System Diagnosis (All Car Lines)

Book Review

  • How To Paint Your Mustang (Jerry Heasley; Mustang Publications)

On Our Cover

  • The Last Convertible — At least until now, ten years later when Ford comes back to its senses. Billy and Ramona Clayton own this option-packed 1973 351-2V Ram Air Convertible.

Fire And Refinement

  • With fire in the form of the Cobra Jet GT-500 and refinement in the stunning shape of the GT-350, the 1969-turned-1970 Shelby Mustang’s “scooped” the auto industry by combining creature comforts and road-handling performance in one gorgeous-looking package.

Luck Or Fate, Worth The Wait

  • An unrestored (and almost unused) Shelby! Jim Osborne’s 1970 GT-500.

Mustangs At The Attractions

  • Because of the 1965-73 Mustangs’ increasing popularity, Mustang shows are moving from the malls to the amusement parks. At two separate October events at each end of the American continent, Cypress Gardens and Sea World cut the ribbon into a new era of Mustang show that could make motel parking lot shows a thing of the past.

Cinderella Mustang

  • Lynn Lehmann plays fairy godmother to a 1966 Mustang, and transforms a pumpkin into a princess.

Choosing Paint For Your Mustang

  • Choosing Paint For Your Mustang.

In The Buff

  • Taking off old oxidized paint by buffing can renew your older paint job, and possibly save you a repaint. But knowing what to use and how to use it can also save you some grief.

Mustang Monthly – February 1983

Shop Tips

  • Battery Post Clamps (All Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Wheel Opening Riding Heights (All 1966 Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Checking Power Steering Fluid Level (All Mustangs Equipped with Power Steering)

Book Review

  • Mustang Encyclopedia (Consumer Guide Publications International, Ltd.)

On Our Cover

  • Six-Pack Sleeper. Gary Pietraniec’s innocent-looking 1966 hardtop packs a Tri-Power punch.

Club Roster

Gt/Cs: California’s Special Mustang

  • By adding Shelby components to a Mustang hardtop, California Ford dealers created a special GT/Cs for the special Southern California market.

Special Delivery

  • Bill and Tina Lawson get around Southern California in their show-winning, but daily-driven, California Special.

Confessions Of A Collector

  • Bob L. Smith of Independence, Missouri, owns three 1965 GT’s (Convertible, Fastback and Hardtop), two 1968 Shelbys, and a 1973 convertible.

Harnessing The Horse

  • Replacing your Mustang’s frayed wiring harness is not as complicated as it looks. By following a basic plan of action, you can rewire your pony in a single afternoon.

How Mustang Monthly Came To Be

  • Larry Dobbs remembers.

Rotten To The Core

  • That’s one way to describe heater core replacement in a 1969-70 Mustang with air conditioning. Housing the core and the air conditioning evaporator together in an overgrown underdash heater assembly was not one of Ford’s Better Ideas.

Let There Be Light

  • New 1965-66 valence panels lack cut-outs for back-up lights. Here’s how to cut the holes yourself with a standard drill.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • The AMF/Wen-Mac 16-inch Battery-Operated 1967 Brittany Blue fastback.

Mustang Monthly – March 1983

Shop Tips

  • Door Window Rattle and Glass Instability (1965 Mustang – All Models)

Shop Tips

  • Ammeter, Constant Voltage Regulator and Temperature Gauge Failures (All 1966 Mustangs, All Models)

Shop Tips

  • Heater Hoses (1967 Mustang units equipped with air conditioners built Oct. 20, 1966 through Jan. 31, 1967)

Shop Tips

  • Engine Oil Pan Fill Level Revised (1969-70 Mustang – Boss 302, 428 CJ, 428 SCJ)

On Our Cover

  • Desert Mustang: Tom Hawthorne’s Prarie Bronze 1965 Convertible.

The Cobra Jet That Could

  • Ford’s 1968-1/2 CJ established a new performance pinnacle for the Mustang, and proved that FoMoCo could indeed sell what it raced.

Four’s Enough

  • Through thick and thin, Texan Rex Hall lost his 1968-1/2 Cobra Jet hardtop on three separate occasions, but miraculously recovered it each time. The fourth ownership, says Rex, is for keeps.

A Fix For Loose Latches

  • An Open and Shut Case for repairing busted out latch screws on 1965-66 Mustangs.

Timken’s Treasure

  • Mark Timken’s 1967 Lime Gold Mustang Fastback

Horse Trading

  • How To Sell Your Mustang.

The Price Was Right

  • Charles Turner’s Ivy Green 1965 Coupe was a steal at $3333.32

The Pre-Restoration Era

  • Tips and advice before you restore that first “Project Car”

Resealing The Early Mustang Power Steering Pump

  • Resurrecting your 1964-1/2 to 1965 “Eaton” pump.

Clutch Pedal Spring Replacement

  • Quiet that Creaky Clutch!

Tips From Tsb

  • Ford’s Technical Service Bulletins: Replacing 1969 Mach 1 tape Stripes.

Mustang Monthly – April 1983

Shop Tips

  • Overheating 260-289 C.I.D. Engines (1965 Mustang Equipped With Factory Installed Air Conditioning)

Shop Tips

  • Ash Receptacle Lid Interference at the Forward Edge of the Console Panel (1969 Mustangs So Equipped)

Shop Tips

  • Loose Accelerator Pedal Pad Bright Trim Cover (1969 Mustang)

Shop Tips

  • Improperly Torqued Engine Mounts (1968 Mustang with 8-Cylinder Engine)

Shop Tips

  • Intake Manifold Installation Procedures (All 260, 289 and 428 Engines)

On Our Cover

  • Steve Sloan’s 390 Mach 1

G.T. – The Gran Turismo

  • Eighteen years ago this month, the Extra Optional GT Equipment Group landed to make the World of Mustangs a better place to live, and brought along a brand-new Decor Interior cockpit to boot.

Gt’s All Three

  • Donald and Penny Toy’s 1966 GT Fastback, Roger Longo’s 1966 GT Convertible, James Williams’ 1965 GT Hardtop.

Braking Into The Future

  • Silicones for your Mustang brake system.

Pony Perfect

  • Well, almost. How about 99.9% Perfect? In 1982, John Hall’s Caspian Blue 1965 hardtop rolled away from 15 shows with first place trophies in the back seat, along with 6 Best of Shows.

Convertible Comparison: 1983 Vs. 1965

  • Which top is tops — the old or the new?

Painting The Pac

  • Using VHT’s black wrinkle paint and your own home oven, you can “cook up” the correct factory finish for you Mustang’s Rally Pac.

Time Warp

  • Richard Smith’s 2,849-mile Boss 351 is a time machine to 1971.

How To Set Mustang Dual Point Distributors

What’s In A Title?

  • Plenty, if you just know how and where to look. By title searching your Mustang, you can contact previous owners to learn more about your pony’s history — and find out if it really did come with that awful color combination.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • Reader’s Questions About Mustang Miniatures; The $349 Electric-Powered 1966-67 “Mustang Junior”

Mustang Monthly – May 1983

Shop Tips

  • Erratic or No Heat (1967 Mustang Equipped with Standard Heater System)

Shop Tips

  • Arc Welding and Battery Charging Precautions for Alternator-Equipped Vehicles (All cars equipped with alternator charging system)

Shop Tips

  • Water Leak at the Cowl Air Duct Attachment (1968 Mustang – All Models)

Shop Tips

  • Extension Adaptors to Facilitate Headlamp Alignment (1969 Mustang – All Models)

Club Roster

On Our Cover

  • Gary Spear’s 1970 Boss 302

Battle Of The Bosses

  • Ford said the Boss was back. We said it wasn’t. To settle the controversy, Donald Farr put his 1970 Boss 302 on the line against a brand-new, out-of-the-box 1983 GT, and proceeded to shut the lid on Ford’s advertising claim. The Boss ain’t necessarily back, at least not by 1970 standards. But the new GT is definitely the Boss of the Eighties.

An Interview With Donald Frey

Good-Deal Reseal

  • For less than twenty bucks, you can clean out and reseal your old windows, and eliminate leaks and rust at the same time.

Glass Action

  • Swapping 1970 bolt-in door glass into 1969 Mustangs takes the “pane” out of glue-in windows.

My Car

  • The evidence declares a Contributing Editor’s car to be ultra-unique.

A Posey Full Of Ponies

  • Steve Posey’s stable of fast Mustangs.

Catch Him If You Can!

  • Perry Rushing’s 1971 Cobra Jet Mach 1 is a red rocket from the Seventies.

Reader’s Survey ’83

  • The results are in.

Birmingham Stallion

  • But unlike Alabama’s United States Football League team, this horse runs year ’round

Car Lot Heaven

  • When Key Ford in Pensacola, Florida cleared their used car lot for the Gulf Coast Mustang Round-Up, the dealership was transformed into a magical dreamland for Mustang junkies.

Mustang Monthly – June 1983

Shop Tips

  • Glove Box Door Rattle (1965 Mustangs — All Models)

Shop Tips

  • Emergency Warning Flasher System Operation (All 1965 Mustangs Equipped with Emergency Warning Flasher)

Shop Tips

  • Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Hose Leakage (1965 Mustang — Automatic Transmission)

Shop Tips

  • Alternator Regulator Damage Caused by Improper Wiring Harness Routing (All 1968 Mustangs)

Book Review

  • How to Rebuild Your Big-Block Ford (Steve Christ, HP Books)

On Our Cover

  • Don Gessner’s 1967 GTA Convertible

Mustangs By Design: 1967

  • The 1967 Mustang: An Interview with George Schumaker

Power To The Steering

  • Power steering was and still is a popular item for 1966 Mustangs. If your ’66 doesn’t have it, you can get it by finding the correct parts and installing them yourself in a spare afternoon.

A Horse With No Name

  • Ford’s T-5 Was a Mustang That Lost Its Pony Name

Travelin’ T-5

  • Randy Stoker’s 1965 fastback was built in New Jersey, exported to West Germany, and imported to California.

A Grinding Halt

  • Eliminating the 1966 “Paper” transmission blues.

Two Cobras: Ready To Strike

  • Jimmy Baker’s Candyapple Red 1968 GT-350 and William Nass, Jr’s “Fleet Yellow” 1968 GT-500KR

Keeping Cool

  • Ah, summer is finally here and you’re all excited about driving your Mustang with the windows open and the top down. The warm weather is great for showing off your Mustang, but it’s also tough on your Mustang’s cooling system. Here’s some tips for keeping the system in tip-top shape so you can keep your cool in hot weather.

Half And Half

  • Frank Berle’s 1966 GT-350H is half original, half restored, and mostly fast.

Mustangs In Paradise

  • Paul Olivas’ dedication to Mustangs has earned him the title “Mr. Mustang of Hawaii.”

Servicing Master Cylinders

  • Reprinted from Ford’s Shop Tips

Mustangs In Miniature

  • 1/25th Scale Dealer Promos

Mustang Monthly – July 1983

Shop Tips

  • Spark Plug Removal (1968 Mustang with 390 or 428 C.I.D. Engine Packages)

Shop Tips

  • Ignition Point Dwell Angle Variation (All Mustangs with Single or Dual Diaphragm Distributors)

Shop Tips

  • Wind Whistle and/or Noise (1965 Mustang)

Shop Tips

  • Speedometer Ticking Noise (All 1965-66 Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Door Lock Remote Control Rattles (1965 Mustang — All Models)

On Our Cover: Lost, Then Found

  • Joe McNees bought back his 1965 Springtime Yellow Coupe — eight years later!

Front End Bolt In

  • Front end overhaul made easy with Kanter’s kit for Mustangs.

Buyer Beware!

  • Know where to look and what to look for before leaping into that next Mustang project. Going head over hoofs over a so-called deal may get you up to your shoulders in time and restoration costs.

1967 Shelby — The Road Cars

  • Unlike the earlier race-inspired GT-350s, the 1967 Shelbys were designed and built for the American roads, in both screaming GT-350 and tire-burning GT-500 forms.

The Ultimate 1967 Shelby: The Super Snake

  • Don McCain created the 427-powered Shelby for Mel Burns Ford in Long Beach, but Bobby Pierce drives it now!

Two For The Road

  • Mack Darr’s 1967 GT-350 and David Archibald’s 1967 GT-500.

Spoil Yourself

  • Make your 1969-70 SportsRoof look “Boss” by adding Auto Krafter’s reproduction rear spoiler.

Blue Beauty

  • Bill Laing turned this 1966 convertible from a $500 beater into a…


  • Mixing & Matching Small-Block Heads & Intakes For Your Mustang

Cherry’s Red Sportsroof

  • How often do you see a non-Boss or Mach 1970 Mustang as nice as Cherry Welborn’s original paint fastback?

This Mustang …Is Missing!

  • Commissioned by Automobile Quarterly, built by Bertone, and honored at the 1965 New York International Automobile Show, the Bertone Mustang dropped out of sight after 1965, never to be seen or heard of again.

Mustang Monthly – August 1983

Shop Tips

  • Instrument Cluster Removal (All 1967 Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Premature Spark Plug Fouling (All 1968, 302, 390 and 428 CID Engines Except the 390-4V GT and 428 Cobra-Jet Packages)

Shop Tips

  • High Key Operating Efforts – Luggage Compartment (All 1965 Mustang)

Shop Tips

  • Disc Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Cover Seal Diaphragm (All 1965-66 Mustangs with Disc Brakes)

Shop Tips

  • Fabricated Tool for Bulb Removal From Convenience Lamp Sockets (All Models)

Book Review

  • Mustang Boss 302: Ford’s Trans-Am Pony Car (Donald Farr)

On Our Cover:

  • Red And Ready? Run, Pony, Run! Horace Wood’s 1965 K-GT fastback

The Hi-Po Mystique

  • How To Identify A 289 High Performance Engine

Beating The Heat

  • Classic Auto Air’s 1965-66 Mustang air conditioning installation looks so good that it’s nearly impossible to distinguish the add-on from an original. Here’s how they do it.

Gimmie A Brake

  • Power disc brakes are a bolt-off/bolt-on swap for 1969-70 manual brake Mustangs.

One-Of-A-Kind Convertible

  • Jim Davis’ Charcoal Grey Metallic 1965 Convertible wears a Lincoln color.

Return To Dearborn

  • SAAC-8 was a Shelby lover’s dream come true.

California Convertibles

  • Michael Alameda’s 1969 Shelby GT-500; Alex Hart’s pre-production 1969 ragtop

Custom-Made Modifieds

  • Jim Farlow salvaged a pair of Mustang wrecks, and molded them into show-winning Mustang modifieds.

Gt350 R Model

  • New owner Howard Pardee drives SFM5R095 from Wisconsin to Connecticut. 1350 Miles in a Tin Can They Call a…

Oil Analysis

  • Monitor Your Mustang With…

Mustangs In Miniature

  • International Die Cast examples from Tekno, Solido, Corgi, Dinky, Mebetoys, Politoys and Inter-Cars.

Mustang Monthly – September 1983

Shop Tips

  • Valve Train Changes (1966 289 V-8 Engines (Except High Performance))

Shop Tips

  • Automatic Transmission Filler tube Hold Plug (C4 and C6 Automatic Transmission Used In 1969 Mustang and Cougar Vehicles)

Shop Tips

  • Reduction of Heater Core Water Flow or Pressure (All 1966, 1967 and 1968 Mustangs Built Prior to Dec. 15, 1967 and Equipped with 289 or 302 CID Engines)

Shop Tips

  • Air Conditioning Compressor Drive Belt Vibration and Rumble Correction (1967 Mustang 289 CID Engine with Air Conditioning Built Before March 1, 1967)

Shop Tips

  • Front Seat Track Latch Tie Rod Interference and Rattle (1965 Mustang — All Models)

Book Review

  • Shelby American Guide — Revised 2nd Edition (Rick Kopec)

Club Roster

On Our Cover: The Last Boss

  • Chuck Weiss’ 1971 Boss 351 Mustang

Mustang 1 – The Rest Of The Story 1963-1983

Drive To Win

  • Bill Kinney’s 1965 Fastback

Control Arm Wrestling

  • Attack those upper control arm bushings and put a stop to squeaky and popping front ends.

The Bright Blue Blind Buy

  • Preston Fussell’s 1968 390 GT Convertible

Power Control

  • Like all older mechanical components, Mustang power steering control valves eventually wear out, causing loose steering action, leaks, or complete loss of power steering. With a little mechanical background and rebuild kits, you can make your old power steering steer like new.

Presidential Pony

  • Ronald Reagan rode 16,000 miles in Dave Tomshany’s 1965 Convertible during the 1966 race for Governor of California.

Classy Classics

  • The older they get, the better they look! A trio of classic convertibles — Richard Slacter’s 1966, Don Forte’s 1965 GT and Robert Stroup’s 1965 K-Code GT.

Suspended In Time

  • Klaus Arning’s Independent Rear Suspension for the 1964-1/2 Mustang was almost too advanced for its time. Although patented for its unique design and tested by Shelby American, the IRS was dropped before ever appearing on a Mustang production car and then forgotten, although modified IRS versions appeared later on Ford GT-40s and 427 Cobras. In this Mustang Monthly interview, IRS designer Arning discusses the Mustang IRS, and why Ford ultimately cancelled the entire program.

Bringing Up The Rear

  • Don’t overlook that trunk! With a wash, a new mat, and some neat accessories, you can make your luggage compartment shine too.

Mustang Monthly – October 1983

Shop Tips

  • Water Leak Rear Tail Lamp (Early 1965 Mustang — All Models)

Shop Tips

  • Glove Box Light Stays On (1969 Mustang)

Shop Tips

  • Improperly Torqued Engine Mounts (1968 Mustang with 8-Cylinder Engine)

Shop Tips

  • Horn Will Not Blow (All 1966 Mustangs)

Book Review

  • Illustrated High-Performance Mustang Buyer’s Guide (Peter C. Sessler)

On Our Cover: “Grandma’s Car Is A Show Winner”

  • Jack and Gladys Locke’s Original Owner 1966 289-2V Coupe.

First Come First Served

  • Captain Stanley Tucker’s first Mustang was also Ford’s first Mustang, but Tucker beat Ford to 100001’s title.

Motor Metamorphosis

  • A clean-up and repaint can transform your beastly V-8 engine compartment into a thing of beauty.

A Hardtop For Softtops

  • C&S Industries sells this 1965-66 fiberglass top for $595.

Easy Heat

  • Hurray! 1965 and 1966 Mustang heater core replacement is plain and simple.

Mach 1 With A Twist

  • Thanks to Terry Fritts, the obscure 1970 “Twister Special” is quickly rising out of the depths.

Twister And Shout

  • Lori Klein is glad all over that she found a Twister Special Mach 1.

Mustang Svo

  • A limited production performance Mustang for the Eighties.

The Cover Shot

  • A short segment in the day of a photographer.

Best Of The Best

  • When the dust settled at SAAC-8, Tom Brandon’s GT-350 stood at the top of the 1966 Shelby heap with a First Place Concours trophy.

Leaky Business

  • California Classics’ reproduction 1965-68 Mustang convertible side-rail weatherstrip can make your convertible’s water and air leaks disappear.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • Ideal’s “Motorific Mustang Racerific,” Testor’s 1966 R/C AMF GT, Multiple Products’ Mustang Kiddie Car.

Check Your Stopping Power

  • Learn to inspect your Mustang’s brakes, and save time and money in unnecessary repairs.

Mustang Monthly – November 1983

Shop Tips

  • Power Steering Pump Leaks (1965 Mustangs Equipped With Ford-Thompson Power Steering Pump)

Shop Tips

  • Shift Linkage Adjustment Procedure 1969 Four Speed Floor And Console Mounted Shift Linkage (All 1969 Mustangs With Four-Speed Shift Linkage)

Shop Tips

  • Equa-Lock Service Identification Tag (1965-73 Mustangs)

On Our Cover: Split Personalities

  • Two Mustangs with two very different roles in life. Dom Forte’s Pseudo 1969 GT-350 and Bob & Sharon Wilhelm’s 1967 Fastback.

Console Consolation

  • Soothe an interior eyesore by renewing your 1965-66 Mustang’s center console.

High-Back Recovery

  • Install Colamco’s reproduction seat covers on your 1969-70 Mach 1 high-backs and make the wear go away.

A Tube In Time

  • …Or the case of the mysterious missing Mustang 2+2 air extractor drain hose.

Tim’s T-5

  • Tim Jones owns one of only 531 1966 German “Mustangs”.

Difference Of A Pinion

  • What’s the ratio? Twenty-eight-spline or 31-spline? Limited-slip or open? By knowing what to look for and how to look for it, you can learn to identify Mustang rear-ends in a jiffy.

Made In Mexico

  • Richard Valenzi’s 1972 GT-351 from south of the border.

Mustangs In Drag

  • Factory-backed Mustangs set the pace for A/FX and Super Stock drag racing in the Sixties.

Still Running Strong

  • Larry Yow’s record-holding 1970 SportsRoof is living proof of the Cobra Jet drag racing heritage.

What Color Is This Car?

  • 1965 Six-Cylinder Convertible: Mikey Medders brings home a red one.

All In The Family Shelbys

  • Mike Shelby and sister Sharon Shelby Lavine drive “new” 1966 GT-350 convertibles built by their father — Carroll Shelby.

Edsel On Mustangs

  • And Interview with Edsel Bryant Ford III

Return To Sender…

  • …and you might find the cause for your fuel gauge woes.

Mustang Monthly – December 1983

Shop Tips

  • Servicing Ford’s New Column-Mounted Ignition Switch (All 1970 and Later Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Disc Brake Creep-Groan Noise (All 1965 Mustangs Equipped With Disc Brakes)

Shop Tips

  • Engine – Oil Baffle Tray Bolts (All Carlines — 1970)

Shop Tips

  • Inoperative Door and/or Luggage Compartment Lock Cylinders (All 1965 and 1966 Mustangs)

Club Roster

On Our Cover: A Glow From The Carolinas

  • Gary Walker’s 1966 Convertible

Panning For Gold

  • If there’s rust in them-thar floorpans, make it disappear with a new floorpan from The Paddock.

The Grand National Was Truly Grand

  • More than 170 cars traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee last August.

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

  • History goofed. The Alamo is really a dragstrip in San Antonio.

Back On Track

  • After blowing the 1968 season with the 302 Tunnel-Port, Ford attacked the 1969-70 Trans-Am with a new engine, a new fastback, and the Boss himself — Parnelli Jones.

This Is Don Wolfe’s Boss

  • …and his Boss makes Don work late hours. 1970 Boss 302.

Autolite Lessons

  • Learn how your Autolite carburetor works and keep your 1965-66 Mustang engine running clean and mean.

The Beat Goes On

  • The Sonny & Cher Mustangs Are Back!

Just What The Doctor Ordered

  • The original owner of Carl Woehl’s 1967 Shelby GT-500 was a doctor.

Buckeye Sprint

  • Ben Shroyer’s 1966 Spring 200 convertible came home in boxes.

In Support Of The Steering

  • After years of use and abuse, the steering column upper bearing can wear out, causing noisy, wobbly, or even locked up steering.

Blue Light Special

  • With the badge option, this Mustang really becomes the Boss.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • Tin Toys: Yonezawa 1965 Retractable Hardtop; TN Company and Bandai’s Mustang Police Cars.

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