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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 1989; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 1990

How To: Analyze And Repair A Charging System

  • Search and restore, and rebuild an alternator.

Carroll Shelby. The Driving Force Reflects

  • We talk with the man behind the motivation.

Perfect Timing

  • Coincidence and Carroll Shelby transformed the Mustang.

Shelby Price Watch

  • A sampling and projection of market trends.

How To: Identify Muscle Mustang Tires

  • An I.D. Guide to compare original “raised white letter” rubber.

Rick Kopec–Direct Line To The Shelby Phenomenon

  • Words from the Co-Director of the Shelby American Automobile Club.

R Is For Race

  • …and Rick Kopec’s authentic ’65 Shelby GT-350R will Race.

’65 Times 5

  • Daytona hosts a handful of Mr. Shelby’s Mustangs.

The “Best” Trophy Winner

  • Paul Fix’s “leftover” ’66 GT-350 wins its share of gold.

A Kinder, Gentler Shelby?

  • Jan Orme’s ’67 GT-500 is nothing but tough.

Ten Year Promise

  • Adam Scheps waited a decade to fulfill a “KR” pledge.

Dream Situation

  • Bill Bush has a Shelby for show, and this one for driving.

Bonus: Shelby Poster

  • Mustang Monthly commemorates the GT-350’s 25th Anniversary.

Update The Registry

  • Kevin Caldwell’s SFM6S2008 is now in concours condition.

Rapid Rental

  • No daily rates for Vicki Pond’s ’66 GT-350H.

Mexican, To Go!

  • John Brad Wagner’s ’69 Shelby de Mexico GT-350.

Pacific Coast Blue

  • New life for Bob Thrower’s ocean-colored ’68 GT-500.

How To: Identify Magnum 500 Wheels

  • What’s right for Boss Mustangs, and the ’71-’72 Mach 1.

How To: Diagnose Your Cooling System

  • Avoid Mustang overheating through regular maintenance.

Mustang Monthly – February 1990

How To: Begin A 302 Engine Overhaul

  • Stage One: An organized disassembly of an ’85 5.0L engine.

50 Ways To Take Your Trophy

  • Tips for improving your show scores, from folks who’ve been there.

The Year Of The Mustang

  • A Review of 1989, the Anniversary Year.

275 Horsepower To Go!

  • The new Steeda GT Mustang. At your Ford dealer, soon.

Midwest Easy Style

  • Jack Sell’s ’67 hardtop fits a comfortable life.

Home Project

  • Don and Nina Smith restored a local ’69 Boss 302.

The Phoenician Conqueror

  • It overshadows the Hendersons’ Caspian convertible.

2nd Owner, 2nd Chance

  • Don Vogel’s ’68 GT/CS. A project car leads to a new career.

It Even Smells New

  • Howard J. Eide’s unrestored ’66 hardtop.

Fourteen More Points

  • Perfection is the goal for Gerald and Stella Smestead.

Rapid Reunion

  • A vintage Ford-Fest at the Mid-Ohio Grand Prix.

How To: Install Larger Rear Drum Brakes

  • Upgrade to 2-1/2 inch brakes. Increase your “whoa” power.

Interview: Dave Ash

  • Behind the scenes with the Chief Designer of the Mustang.

Mustang Monthly – March 1990

How To: Machine Your 302 Engine Components

  • Stage Two of the 5.0L rebuild. Knowing what to schedule and expect from a machine shop.

5.0l Performance Report

  • Ford’s new RHO 302 engine. Street Mustangs with Race Track abilities. Highway Patrol cars for sale. Some folks get lucky.

Thanks To My Wife…

  • Tim Ivanoffs ’65 convertible was not a one-man job.

Through The Wringer

  • John Eversole’s ’70 Mach 1 has emerged crisp and fresh.

A Kick To Drive

  • Rod Lyda’s Tahoe Turquoise ’66 hardtop hits the streets.


  • Richard Sansing’s solo sweat produced a restored ’67 GT fastback.

The Wonder Years

  • A perfect time frame for a Candyapple Red ’69 Mustang convertible.

The Future Is Now

  • Is Lauren Jonas’s ’83 GT convertible “worth something?” You bet.

Stealth Saleen

  • When Mark Kemesky wanted to go fast, he went to Steve Saleen. When he wanted to go faster, he went to Ak Miller.

Honey, I Shrunk The Traffic

  • A business trip in a 5.0L Mustang LX.

Show Time Down South

  • A gathering of Florida’s best at Cypress Gardens.

How To: Identify Space Saver Spare Tires

  • An I. D. guide to ’69-’73 Mustang spare tires.

Mustang Monthly – April 1990

How To Restore A Mustang Interior

  • We breathe new life into a ’66 Deluxe interior.

How To Install Motorsport Springs

  • Better performance and appearance for a late model Mustang.

Western Hot Stuff

  • The California Special GT/CS is more than just a State of Mind.

Nuggets In The Hills

  • The gold in California gets more Special every day.

Presidential Ride

  • The barter system and years of work for Dave Heatherington’s GT/CS.

Seasonal Sensation

  • The Alderson workshop is a renovated cattle shed. Wish you had one?

Black Beauty

  • Steve and Sherri Boresow’s GT/CS was a winner right out of the gate.

Restoration Adventure

  • The Podemskis have already reworked their ’79 Cobra.

The Rumor Mill

  • A Scrapyard Shelby: Rick Amsden’s ’65 GT-350.

Pastel Pony

  • Clarence Thompson’s Tropical Turquoise ’65 convertible.

How To: Reassemble A Reconditioned 302 Engine

  • Stage Three: Some assembly required. Start it up!

Mustang Monthly – May 1990

How To Upgrade Your Mustang’s Sounds

  • We’re talking about music, not tailpipe rumble.

Parade Lap At Daytona

  • The Shelby Anniversary wins a Pass in Review.

How To Add 16-Inch Wheels To Your Mustang

  • Swap factory Thunderbird wheels for looks and handling.

Mustang Oddities

  • A look at what could have been original Mustang parts.

How To Install Flofit Sport Seats

  • Add comfort and safety to your Mustang, old or new.

How To Replace ’73 Mustang Upholstery

  • Tired of the shredded look? Try a one-day transformation.

How To Install A Late-Model Roll Bar

  • Add structure and safety to your road rocket.

What, Modifieds?

  • Mustang Monthly breaks new ground in covering the hobby.

Strong Horse

  • A Ford family’s big-block ’79 Mustang.

Calypso Cacophony

  • John Mancini’s ’70 SportsRoof is sharp and quick.

Double Feature

  • Sunset Ford’s modified convertibles get showroom attention.

Stoplight Sleeper

  • Mel Harbaugh’s deceptive ’66 hardtop.

Ford Didn’t Build One

  • -so Neal Polan created his own ’64-1/2 GT convertible.

New England Nobility

  • The ’67 Shelby GT-500. Pete Wolff’s class act in Connecticut.

Four Stages To Satisfaction

  • John Stastny brought up his concours 73 Mach 1 step by step.

Genuine Survivor

  • Bill Johnson’s winning ’71 convertible has seen tough times.

Rare Silver

  • A combination of ’66 hardtop, and three years’ work.

Stop Watching. Start Racing

  • Excitement isn’t always for the other folks. Give it a try.

How To Speak “Mustangese”

  • A primer on lingo. It’s hard to travel not knowing the language.

An Index To Mustang Monthly For 1989

  • Ken Sluys’ update listing of last year’s articles and topics.

Mustang Monthly – June 1990

How To Rebuild An Air Conditioning Compressor

  • Classic Auto Air’s rebuilding components will get you frosty.

How To Install A Schroth Harness

  • Increase your safety factor with a custom belt system.

I.D. Guide To Early Mustang Seatbelts

  • A pictorial reference for ’64-’67 lap restraints and hardware.

Vroom With A View

  • This ’65 Mustang lets Steve Mallos adapt to the scenery.

Clean And Simple

  • Tim Huber’s ’70 Convertible is made for luxury motoring.

The Memory Did Not Quit

  • Hank D’Amico’s 20-year dream is a genuine GT-350 convertible.

Made To Win, The Hard Way

  • Dean Lawry’s ’67 convertible reached excellence by the long road.

Low Miles, High Visibility

  • Allan St. Jacques’ convertible gives new meaning to “Car in Tow.”

Best Of Both Worlds

  • It’s open air driving for Tom Dushatinski’s ’71 Cobra Jet.

Off The Beaten Path

  • Touches of tomorrow and yesterday for Tom Bader’s ’85 GT.

Goodies For The ’90s

  • Hot new speed and appearance products for 5.0L Mustangs.

How To Install Late Model Gt Exhaust Trumpets

  • Dugan Racing taps tradition to make a new car look hotter.

Mustang Monthly – July 1990

How To Replace Rusted Floorpans

  • Fix the flaked-away floors of a ’69 or ’70 Mustang.

The Real Source

  • Cars & Concepts: the new Mustang Convertible Convertors.

How To Identify Hi-Po Engine Components

  • Knowing the High Performance difference can save you trouble, money and time.

Rangoon Red Hot

  • Bob Schalk, Jr. gets respect for his K-GT ’65 fastback.

More Than Just A…

  • The Wickstroms wanted a daily driver. They found a Hi-Po.

An Absolute Keeper

  • Bob Langland’s ’65 K-GT is a family heirloom. As of now.

Second Time Around

  • Kurt Heber sold one, then found another ’70 Boss 302.

This Modern Life

  • A former ’68-1/2 Cobra Jet owner opts for a ’90 GT.

I.D. Guide To The 428 Cobra Jet Engine

  • Concours detailing the ’68-1/2 through ’70 powerhouse.

Factory Shop Tips

  • Great hints and How-Tos from vintage Ford Technical Bulletins.

Mustang Monthly – August 1990

How To Replace Rearend Sheet Metal

  • We fix dented and rusted panels on a ’73 hardtop.

How To Install A Centerforce Clutch

  • Upgrade your 5.0L Mustang without sacrificing street comfort.

Draw This Car?

  • An invitation to design the next phase Mustang.

A Best Thing Not Free

  • Allen Wagner’s 21,000-mile ’70 Boss 429. An expensive bargain.

First Things First

  • Fred Gray could not restore his ’66 GT until he built a garage.

The Definition Of Fun

  • This Shelby’s “KR” initials mean “Kachigian’s Ride.”

Total Points Driver

  • Friends helped with Ron Waring’s street-show restoration.

Let’s Make A Deal

  • Two hours’ haggling over a ’68 GT earns years of satisfaction.

Uncommon Beauty

  • Steve Bendel’s ’72 Mach 1 had to be restored twice.

Florida Goes North

  • Peter Dymond’s ’65 fastback went to Canada to retire.

Arresting Quality

  • It takes one to catch one. The new watchword of law enforcement.

The Chp’s (Not-So) Secret Weapon

  • Mustang Power has made the difference for eight years.

Down, But Far From Out

  • A veteran Mustanger fights back from disaster.

Mustang Monthly – September 1990

The Restoration Top Fifty

  • Basic and advanced project tips. For all Mustangers.

How To Finish A Sheet Metal Replacement

  • We paint and polish fresh bodywork on a ’73 Mustang hardtop.

How To Install Five-Way Adjustable Shocks

  • Give new Mustangs flexibility with Tokico Illumina Fives. PLUS: Steeda Autosports solves uneven disc brake pad wear.

Apexing The Threshold

  • TrackTime teaches “car control” to out-of-control editors.

How To Shop For Mustang Parts

  • After buying a vintage Mustang, we all ask, “Where to next?”

Early Performance

  • Jim Fannin’s Caspian Blue ’64-1/2 Hi-Po Convertible.

Rarely Rented Racer

  • Randy Ream found a low mileage ’66 Shelby GT-350H.

Trading Upwards

  • Glen Burgess restored a premier ’68 Mustang for a new driver.

Always The Boss

  • Teny and Linda Gritten’s sizzling red ’70 Boss 302.

Just Plain Rare

  • A concours ’73 six-cylinder convertible is not often seen.

Vintage Random Chance

  • Bruce Weiss lucked into a special ’68-1/2 Cobra Jet drag racer.

The Holiday Weekend

  • America’s rural roads survive a new Mustang GT convertible.

Catalog Showcase ’90

Mustang Monthly – October 1990

How To: Overhaul A ’70-’73 Steering Column

  • A faulty ignition switch leads to a complete rebuild.

What’s Hot! What’s Not

  • A look at current trends, from collectibles and investments to clothes, Mustang activities, customizing, video stuff, and more.

Mustang – New Wheels For ’91

  • The small changes are larger than they look.

Gentleman’s Choice

  • Don Phillips applied “know-how” to a K-GT fastback.

Owner Motivated

  • Al and Doris Friedel feel compelled to excel. But not to sell.

Last Minute Save

  • E.G. Hardy headed a ’66 fastback away from the junkyard.

Burdetts’ Beginnings

  • A personal letter from the owners of a ’68 convertible.


  • Jeff Mosley shows a unique ’72 Mustang.

R-Model Reunion

  • Veteran racer Walt Hane is reunited with a winning Shelby.

10 Questions For Walt Hane

  • Back in action: the ’66 SCCA B/Production champion.

Dyno Tested: 5.0l Headers

  • We compare two popular “shortie” headers for H.O. Mustangs.

Mustang Monthly – November 1990

Mustangs At Speed, The First Generation

  • Thanks to their size and power, early Mustangs got a workout.

Dyno Test: The Interceptor

  • A big new step toward customizing 5.0L EEC-IV computer data.

How To: Decode Underhood Build Tags

  • Assembly line options in shorthand. A partial answer to 100 questions.

How To: Update A Late Model Carburetor

  • A tech master takes a Holley 4180 to the edge.

Smooth Operator

  • The ’90 Saleen SC: Performance and comfort in their best package.

Courtship Concours

  • Dennis and Helen Smith found another ’70 Boss 302.

R-Model Fantasy

  • Boyd McPherson dressed his GT-350H for serious racing.

Fire In The Mountains

  • Wayne and Tracey Ellis reach altitude in a sparkling ’69 hardtop.

Power By Finesse

  • An SVO Mustang wins the heart of a Thunderbird enthusiast.

Breezy Gt

  • Skip Youngdahl pilots a ’65 GT convertible.

Racing The 5.0l Mustangs

  • IMSA and SCCA competition is tough going, but fun in H.O. Mustangs.

National Club Roster

  • A semi-annual listing of Mustang clubs.

Mustang Monthly – December 1990

The Fastest 5.0l Mustangs

  • Top late-model Mustangs gather for a mid-Ohio showdown.

How To: Identify Boss 302 Thermactor

  • COMPONENTS…and know the difference between ’69 and ’70 Boss 302 systems.

Factory Perfect

  • The ’70 Boss 302 by which all others are measured.

Short Order Special

  • Bob Petrie found a ’66 GT Convertible on the menu.

Curtain Call Cj

  • Charlie Plylar’s ’71 Mach 1 Cobra Jet. One of the last Big Ones.

Fine, Fine, Fine

  • Cliff Ernst enjoys the 428 CJ engine in his ’69 Shelby convertible.

Total Wrench

  • Tom Daniel’s big block ’67 GT fastback traveled the long road.

Droptop Terror

  • The absolute muscle convertible, a ’69–not for cruising.

Rio Grande Fiesta

  • We visit Albuquerque to cap a year of fine shows.

How To: Identify Boss Mustang Spoilers

  • Four vintage Mustang air dams are compared.

A Box Of Parts

  • Once in pieces, John Pizio’s ’69 Boss 302 is a survivor.

Gathering Of The Clan

  • The 15th Shelby-American convention visits Ohio and Michigan.

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