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Mustang Monthly – January 1994

How To: Rebuild Your 289 Engine

  • The Reciprocating Assembly. Part Three in a Six Part Series.

More Power To The Pony

  • The aftermarket industry is wasting no time developing high performance components for the ’94 Mustang. Here’s a preview of what’s on the horizon.

Saleen: The Hot Decade

  • Ten years of Mustang excitement that helped keep the pony alive.

Barnstorming The Backroads

  • The ’94 Mustang easily passes the Up Down This Way That Way Test in the mountains.

How To: Install A ’65-’66 Mustang Console

  • Improve early Mustang appearance, and add utility.

How To: Add Gt Fog Lights To Your ’65-’66 Mustang

  • Increase visibility and looks with a reproduction light kit.

Hot From Day One, Fresh At 25 Years

  • After 25 years, the Boss 302s and Boss 429s rule the road and track.

In The Details…

  • Larry Berkovich found a fine ’69 Boss 429, and made it finer.

Upward Momentum

  • Bob Dailey traded up for an unrestored ’69 Boss 302.

Cornering Instinct

  • Dick and Susan Reese found Bill Elliott’s ’70 Boss 302.

Orange Boss, And Special

  • Despite a rocky start, Richard Coy’s ’70 Boss 429 has a superb ending.

How To: Install An Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler

  • Prolong AOD life by keeping down the heat.

How To: Analyze Your Oil For Engine Longevity

  • Engine Guard helps you keep your engine in tiptop shape.

Color Of Money

  • Green turns to gold when high buck action arrives on a budget.

How To: Install A Bolt-In Interior Bar

  • Dugan Racing’s Interior Support Bar adds integrity and looks.

How To: Improve Your Drag Racing Performance

  • Sixteen tips for 5.0 Mustang owners, from mild to wild. Crawford Performance helps out the little guy.

Horse Of A Different Color

  • A short list of exterior options helps bring out the shine of a Lime Gold ’68 convertible.

Mustang Monthly – February 1994

How To: Restore Your Mustang

  • Nine Steps To Success. All you add is a car and a year.

How To: Install ’70 Mach 1 Hood Stripes

  • At last, the lowdown on positioning and installing stripes.

Out Of The Fire, Into The Saddle

  • Tom Hasenberg’s ’66 GT convertible rose from the ashes of disaster.

Too Cool For School

  • Ralph Buchheit’s modified ’68 hardtop never made it to class.

How To: Find The Sensible Carburetor Fix

  • Holley Tech Services offers mailbox service for Holley carburetor restoration, refinishing and customizing.

How To: Rebuild Your 289 Cubic-Inch Engine

  • Part Four: Cylinder Head Inspection and Rebuilding.

A Five Year Deal

  • Edwin and Jo Ann Bradley’s patience is rewarded with a one-owner ’65 hardtop.

A Long Way To Go

  • Toni West went long-distance, and bagged a ’70 Mach 1.

Pure Original Driver

  • On the road or in the show, Max Newsome’s ’73 Grande’ gets the nod and the trophy.

A Boss For The ’90s!

  • Larry Shinoda is back on the Mustang styling scene.

Half ‘N Half

  • Bob Summerfield likes his mint ’85 GT hatchback for two reasons.

Grit Teeth, Push Pedals, Yikes!

  • We drive the Saleen World Challenge Mustang. We survive.

Salvage Operation

  • Can you believe Bruce Gould’s ’88 GT came from the scrap heap?

How To: Install High-Flow 2.3 Liter Fuel Injectors

  • Turbo 2.3 liter Mustang owners now get a piece of the performance pie.

How To: Apply Late-Model Graphics

  • Spruce up your Mustang with a stripe kit from Bob White Decals.

Are You Experienced?

  • Ray and Lynn Natilt greet the world of Fords with a ’69 Shelby GT-350.

Mustang Monthly – March 1994

International Mustang Club Roster

Parts & Service Directory

How To: Detail A 428 Cj Engine

  • Everything you need to know about 428 Cobra Jet engine assembly. A guide to Thoroughbred competition requirements.

Two Plus Two Equals Fun

  • A Mustang greenhorn takes her ’65 Hi-Po fastback to the top.

I’ll Take It!

  • George and Ginny Barber welcomed this ’67 hardtop when no one would.

How To: Rebuild Your 289 Engine

  • Part Five: Assembly of our freshened engine and cylinder heads.

Power Generator

  • Larry Berkovich’s veteran Boss 351 drums up loads of action.

The Same, Only Better

  • Bob Kieran knows his ’72 convertible was cut from a different cloth.

Crazy Rabbit

  • Bill Neale and friends revive the fun spirit of the Shelby Terliugua days.

How To: Upgrade Your Steering Wheel And Shift Knob

  • Momo USA enhances stock interior appearance and safety in less than an hour.

No Husband On Board!

  • Andrea Frank flies solo in her ’91 GT convertible.

Ho Improvement

  • TV funny man Tim Allen and Mustang mogul Steve Saleen bumped heads to create the ultimate street pony.

How To: Install A Special Service Vehicle Fan Clutch

  • Mustang Dynamics’ SSV Parts Department comes up with yet another trick “cop part.”

5.0 Mustang Performance Parts And Tips Special!

  • Mustang Monthly digs into the manufacturers’ parts bins for their hottest 5.0 performance and handling parts, plus tips from the top names in the 5.0 parts industry.

Transition Pony

  • The ’68 Mustangs improved on the past, and hinted at the future.

Mustang Monthly – April 1994

How To: Rebuild Your 289 Engine

  • Part Six: Accessory and external parts installation.

Ad’ing Up The First-Generation Mustangs

  • Early Mustang advertising wrote a history of the marque.

How To: Prepare For A Mustang Restoration

  • Phase One. We begin the concours restoration of our project ’68 fastback with a partial disassembly, and critical evaluation.

How To: Modify Your Early Mustang Radio

  • Add FM reception to your vintage AM radio or eight-track stereo… without changing its looks.

Day One Debut

  • The Mustang highlighted the 1964 World’s Fair.

The Best Of 30 Years

  • A memorable trip down the Mustang trail.

Concours Dilemma

  • Gregg Cly followed the rules, and came up with a winner.

Come Around Pony

  • After years of pursuit, Freemon and Margaret Fritsche corralled a ’65 GT fastback.

Tale Of The Stripeless Shelby

  • In 1965, not all GT-350s were created equal.

Part-Time Pony

  • Robert Dedeluk worked overtime to make his ’66 hardtop a champ.

Sweetheart Of The Sixties

  • Craig’s ’67 GTA convertible is chock full of charm.

No Laughing Matter

  • The competition wasn’t amused with the 428 Cobra Jet Mustang.

Mach Made For Two

  • A Mustang helped bring Joe and Marcia Dinella to the alter.

Plain Muscle

  • Ricky Simmons’ 1970 Boss 302 isn’t fancy, but it’s still smoking the competition.

The Big Boss

  • It may have been oversized and overweight, but for some Blue Oval fans the ’71 Boss 351 is arguably the best Boss ever.

Gold Medal Winner

  • Dan Kiefer’s ’72 Sprint hardtop celebrates the Olympic spirit.

Return To Indy

  • A Mustang Cobra convertible will set the pace at the 1994 Indianapolis 500.

How To: Strengthen Your T-5 Shifter

  • Pro 5.0 has the cure for the speed shift blues.

Custom-Crafted Company Car

  • Tom Dugan takes care of business in a 5.0 liter road rocket.

Prototype Pony Gt

  • Engineering and HP Motorsport bring independent rear suspension technology to the late-model Mustang crowd.

How To: Install Performance Cylinder Heads, Intake, And Camshaft

  • Our 5.0 project car bulks up with some hot new induction parts from the leaders in late-model performance.

Mustang Monthly – May 1994

R Is For Race

  • Jon Carey’s R-model Shelby GT-350 is back on the fast track.

Second Chance Mustang

  • A moment of weakness almost spelled doom for Tom and Connie Dunston’s ’73 SportsRoof.

How To: Buy A Mustang

  • Whether you’re looking for a classic Mustang or late-model street slammer, we’ve got the tips to help you make the smart buy.

How To: Disassemble A Mustang For Restoration

  • Project ’68 loosens up and gets organized.

Early Front-End Rebuild How To: Replace Vintage Mustang Suspension Components

  • Put your early Mustang back on the smooth track with new front suspension hardware.

Dawn Of A Legend

  • Lee Iacocca helped guide the first Mustang into the record books.

Globe-Trotting Mustangs

  • Blue Oval enthusiasts around the world showed their pride, and their ponies, in 1993. This year promises to be even more exciting.

Project X

  • A 390-2V lurks inside Danny Alexander’s ’68 California Special.

The All-Nighter

  • Eighteen months of long-nights and hard work put this ’70 Mach 1 back on the road.

How To: Rebuild Your 289 Engine

  • In the final installment of our 289 rebuild we discuss engine detailing and accessory installation.

5.0 Air/Fuel Monitor How To: Install An Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor

  • Improve late-model performance and fuel economy with K&N’s air/fuel ratio monitor.

Operation Ho

  • Paul Brown and Brian Kelly know how to make their Mustangs gallop on the street, and down the strip,

Weekend Gig

  • Dick-Parker’s ’89 LX is a racer first, a street driver second.

Performance Clutch Upgrade How To: Replace A Late-Model Clutch Assembly

  • Fix your 5.0 Mustang’s slipping clutch before it fixes you.

Mustang Monthly – June 1994

How To: Disassemble A Mustang For Restoration – Part 2

  • After stripping the interior, dash, gas tank, rear glass and drivetrain, our ’68 project fastback will be ready for sheetmetal repair.

Variation On A Theme

  • A fast look back at Ford’s sleekest ponies.

The Genuine Article

  • David Gass’ 1965 fastback hasn’t changed much in almost thirty years.

How To: Resurface Mustang Disc Brake Rotors

  • Make your wobbly brakes disappear by resurfacing the disc brake rotors.

1967-68 A/C Tips How To: Route ’67-’68 Mustang Vacuum Lines

  • Finally, a vacuum schematic for 1967-68 Mustangs with factory air conditioning

Yard Work

  • Ron Gerhart saved a ’67 fastback from mother nature.

Repro Tires A Brief Guide To Early Mustang Tires

  • There are OEM-style tires available for nearly every first-generation Mustang…and some good reasons why you should be using them.

Mustang Monthly Spotlight: 1969 Mach 1

  • The making of a street legend.

Getting It Right

  • Ken Stange’s ’70 GT-350 was worth the trouble.

Easing The Pain

  • Wrecking his ’73 Mach 1 may have been the best thing to happen to Jeff Gregory.

Scale-Model Mustangs

  • Not all Mustang enthusiasts work in a garage. Some folks build beautiful ponycars on their kitchen table.

Ignition Upgrade How To: Install An Aftermarket Ignition System

  • Jacobs Electronics’ Omni-Pak provides a coil and ignition module in one self-contained unit.

Supercharger Tech New Pony, Old Tricks

  • Kenne Bell Adapts the whipple Screw Compressor to the ’94 GT Mustang.

Robocruisers On Patrol

  • The ’94 Mustang goes prime time-with the new “RoboCop” action adventure television series.

1994 Steeda Mustang Plush Performer

  • The 1994 Steeda Mustang proves you can have it both ways.

How To: Install A Performance Rear Gear

  • Playing the numbers game with the 8.8-inch rearend.

Mustang Monthly – July 1994

Ultimate Drive

  • Mustangs Across America: Sam Haymart leads a rolling, seven-day Mustang show from California to Charlotte, North Carolina.

A-Z Rust Repair How To: Repair A Rusted Mustang – Pt. 1

  • Our Project ’68 fastback meets The Stripper, and gets new sheetmetal.

Mustang Im Rampenlicht: Der Ford T-5

  • What looks like a Mustang, but is not a Mustang? A quick look at those hard-riding ponycars from Germany.

Ultimate Shows

  • Mustang Monthly’s exclusive coverage of the three biggest anniversary shows celebrating the Mustang’s three-decade staying power.

Bound And Determined

  • Pete Bansmer searched far and wide for his ’67 GTA convertible, but the real surprise was in the trunk.

Handling Secrets How To: Install A 5.0 Performance Suspension

  • Springs, shocks and bushings are only the first step in making your 5.0 Mustang handle like a champ.

Quick Tech! Timing Tips

  • Adjusting Your 5.0’s Ignition Timing: Our new “Quick Tech series gets started with a bang, er, a spark.

How To: Install A K&N F.I.P.K. Filter

  • Find hidden horsepower with this street and emissions-legal air filter.

Wing Installation How To: Install A Saleen Wing

  • Slip on a new rear wing for hot looks and improved aerodynamics.

1994 Boss 429 Reality Bites

  • The secret, never-to-be-produced Mustang destined to destroy GM’s touted big-block Camaro.

Lethal 480 Hp Saleen The Second Wave

  • Steve Saleen’s ’94 V-6 Sport, S-351 and the S-351 SR racer bring 3.8-liter and 5.8-liter technology to the Mustang aftermarket scene.

Mustang Monthly – August 1994

Color Me Stock

  • Questions and answers regarding original Mustang topcoats.

The Dos And Don’ts

  • Helpful hints from the pros will keep you from making common mistakes.

How To: Repair Rusted Mustang Sheet Metal

  • Our ’68 fastback’s rusty areas get fixed and primed for painting.

Special Order Boss

  • Richard West wanted a pony of a different color.

Absolute Survivor

  • A tale of woe has a happy ending for this ’66 fastback.

Ginger Snap

  • Bobby Spedale’s ’70 convertible may have an unusual color, but the rest is traditional Mustang all the way.

Mustang Monthly Spotlight: 1967 Shelby Gt-350

  • The Ultimate GT? Who says bigger is better?

How To: Detail A 351 Cleveland Engine

  • The low-down on Boss 351 and 351 Cleveland restoration secrets.

Dollar Conscious

  • Billy Fleming’s ’92 LX required less funds without sacrificing fun.

How To: Choose Performance Cylinder Heads

  • Aftermarket interest coupled with 5.0 enthusiasm provides a wide selection for all levels of performance.

Looking For The Hook

  • Mario Fata is working to blow his ’87 GT through the traps and the twisties.

How To: Choose The Right Exhaust System

  • The right size and type of exhaust system can make your 5.0 Mustang come alive.

How To: Choose A Roller Cam

  • Make the winning choice when picking a cam for your 5.0 Mustang.

Mustang Monthly – September 1994

Parts Hint

  • Straight talk about reproduction and new-old-stock Mustang parts.

Mustang Monthly Spotlight: 1973 Convertible

  • America says good-bye to the open-air road.

How To: Restore Your Vintage Alternator

  • With a little work and new parts from AMK Products, you can rebuild your alternator to concours perfection.

How To: Repair Mach 1 Rocker Trim And Rear Honeycomb Panels

  • Metro Obsolete’s reproduction trim items can bring new life to your Mach 1 Mustang.

Developmental Gt

  • Warren and Pat Shafer used this ’66 GT hardtop as a testbed for their reproduction parts business

How To: Build-Up An Eight-Inch Mustang Rearend

  • Currie Enterprises’ limited-slip differential and rear disc brake kit offers a performance alternative for your five-lug axle.

A Tale Of Two Ragtops

  • These R- and Q-code Cobra jet-powered convertibles represent rarity, but at two opposing extremes of option content.

Up The Ladder

  • Drew Alcazar’s ’69 428 SCJ Mustang GT has moved from the bottom rung to the top.

351 Cobra

  • Can 24 hours of torture testing at Nelson ensure a Windsor in the next R-Model Mustang Cobra?

Quick Tech: Motor Mount Installation

  • Stop the bouncy engine blues with fresh mounts for your 5.0 Mustang.

How To: Install A ’94 Gt Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Let Borla Performance’s bolt-on exhaust system free up l5hp for your ’94 5.0.

How To: Install A ’94 Mustang Throttle Body

  • BBK follows in their own footsteps by offering three new throttle bodies for ’94 GT Mustangs.

How To: Install A Budget Mass Air Flow System On Your ’86-’88 5.0 Mustang

  • Improve performance and maintain driveability with Mustang Dynamics’ MAF system.

Outlaw In The Making

  • Chad Pieters’ 1992 GT is just getting warmed up.

Mustang Monthly Catalog Showcase

International Club Roster

Graceful In Retirement

  • Having been king of the auto show bill, Skip MacDougall’s ’66 GT-350 now lives in easy retirement.

Mustang Monthly – October 1994

V8 And 6v In 1966

  • Bud Priess’ K-code fastback proves the muscle era was alive and well in the early days of Mustang mania.

Hot For Hi-Pos

  • Part identification and expert commentary on K-code Mustangs.

How To: Align Vintage Mustang Doors

  • Setting your Mustang’s door gap requires less effort than you might think.

Then There Was One

  • Is Darrie Mase’s ’67 K-code GTA convertible the only one of its kind?

Resto And Maintenance Tech Tips

  • We compile the best tips from previous how-tos to aid in maintenance and restoration of your classic Mustang.

Classy Cruiser

  • Droptop and K-code. Does it get any better than this?

Class Starts With “K”

  • Freemon and Margaret Fritsche’s hardtop GT is about as good as it came in 1965.

Just Along For The Ride

  • Ambling ponies or Rear Guard? Defining the ’73 Mach 1s.

How To: Install Mustang Drip Rail Mouldings

  • With a little finesse and patience, this frustrating job can be accomplished with a smile.

Desert Storm

  • Todd Raven’s kicking up some dust in his ’93 Cobra SCCA racer.

How To: Build A Bulletproof Driveline

  • When the power comes on, this combination of aftermarket driveline components will ensure reliability.

Terminal Velocity

  • Charlie Turner’s 160mph Steeda Cobra is for new adventures on the road of life.

Secret Weapon

  • Ford Motorsport counters the critics with a proven package that can add 70 horsepower to your ’94 GT.

A Group Effort

  • After years of practice, Marcia Christensen and family reached the peak in a Candyapple Red California Special.

Mustang Monthly – November 1994

Most Outrageous — Hi-Po Or Hype?

  • The theory that made the Boss the Baddest.

How To: Restore Vintage Heater Cases

  • Refurbish your Mustang’s heater cases to ride out the winter months in comfort.

Styled Steel Wheel Restoration

  • Dallas Mustang Parts can help you achieve wheel perfection.

Most Obscure — Ahead Of Its Time

  • Today’s technology in 1968: Shelby Automotive’s prototype Green Hornet

Most Common — Vanilla

  • Harold and Cheryl Samuels’ 1966 hardtop proves that the simple things are often the most desirable.

Most Underrated — No Respect

  • Will the Boss 351 ever earn its place in the Great Ponycar Lineup?

Most Maligned — Dances With Snakes

  • Ford’s 1978 King Cobra – what else would you expect from the country that invented disco?

Stamped For Approval

  • Comparing reproduction ’67 fenders to salvage yard originals.


  • Car Nut and Baseball Zealot find common ground and kindred spirits in a ’94 GT.

How To Drag Race: Straightline Secrets From A To Z

  • A few tips and the right parts are all you need to smoke the quarter-mile.

Cobra Suspension Tips Snake Handlers

  • Suspension components and secrets to give your Cobra more bite.

Turbo Twister

  • Doug Higginbotham put his ’86 SVO to its intended task.

Oil Pan Selection

  • As baffling as the subject can be, here’s some tips on how to select aftermarket oil pans for your performance needs.

The Quickest — R-Code Screamer

  • On the quarter-mile or on the street, the ’68-1/2 Cobra Jet always ran point.

Mustang Monthly – December 1994

The Best Of ’94

  • Highlights from The Year of The Mustang.

How To:Install A Detailed 289 Engine Assembly

  • It may look easy, but preventing scratches and other damage takes patience.

The Pace Car Diaries

  • A day-by-day, minute-by-minute account of the ’94 Indy 500 Cobra convertible Pace Car.

Those Little Surprises

  • Linda and Kenny Carter found more than they bargained for in a ’67 GTA droptop.

How To: Apply ’67 Gt Stripes And Badging

  • Professional advice for factory-correct ’67 GT decals and emblems.

100,000 Plus

  • Gil Cito’s ’66 GT Fastback isn’t about to slow down.

Last Of The Big-Time Mustangs

  • Ford rolled out it its final first-generation ponycar in 1973.

Different Is Good

  • Dave and Sue Norwood’s Skylight Blue ’64-1/2 convertible helps define the breed and distinguish differences three decades later.

The Perfect Balance?

  • Bill and Karen Howell’s ’68 GT fastback blends the spirit of the early Mustangs with the luxury flavor of the ponycars which followed.

How To: Diagnose And Repair Vintage Brakes

  • or How To Put a Stop to Brake Problems.

Faux Cobra

  • Diversified Products’ Mike and Belinda Szmytke create what SVT did not: a ’93 Cobra convertible.

How To: Install Lower Trailing Arms

  • Reduce axle hop and maximize existing rear suspension modifications with new Edelbrock/Hotchkis trailing arms.

How To: Paint Appearance Parts

  • Expert tips for painting spoilers, hoods, ground effects, and other popular add-on appearance parts.

Appearance Options

  • Here’s a double-dip of tech tips and aftermarket appearance parts for ’79 through ’95 Mustangs.

Making A Scene

  • Python Automobiles’ screaming yellow zonker offers an alternative to the ordinary GT.

Original Fun

  • Jacqueline and Dale Morris haven’t let off the gas in 25 years.

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