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Mustang Monthly – January 1995


  • Russ Tatman’s ’65 Shelby GT-350: The beginning of the breed.


  • Juan Gonzalez’ 1966 Shelby GT-350H: Racers, romance and rental cars.

Shelby Mustang Mysteries Solved

  • A preview of updates to come in the Shelby American Automobile Club’s next “Shelby American World Registry.


  • Gary Spraggins’ 1966 Shelby Group 2 Hardtop: The beginnings of SCCA Trans Am Domination.

How To: Restore Lucas Fog Lights

  • Orlando Mustang puts the shine on ’68-’70 Shelby, California Special and High Country Special Mustang fog lights.


  • Bill Neale’s ’67 Shelby GT-500: The Big Block Era Begins.


  • Jack Bell’s ’68 Shelby GT-500 KR Convertible: Luxury with an attitude.


  • Lany Vigus’ 1969 Shelby GT-350 Convertible: Distinction from its Mustang sibling led to extinction.

How To: Detect Mustang Sheetmetal Rust-Through

  • A professional restorer tells you how to spot real damage on your vintage Mustang.

Sneak Preview: 4.6-Liter Mustangs

  • Loyal Mustang Monthly readers provide information on the Prototype Modular V8-powered Mustangs.

How To: Install A ’94-’95 Gt Vortech Supercharger

  • The popular power-adder is now available for the fourth-generation GT.

Something Old, Something New

  • You can call Mark Beacon’s ’82 GT the Eclectic Pony.

Hunger For Performance

  • Kenny Brown mixes up a tasty fourth-generation Mustang recipe with Project Industries’ GT 320-X.

Quick Tech: Late-Model Axle Bearing R&R

  • Sooner or later your Mustang’s rear axle bearings will need attention.

How To: Install ’94-’95 Gt Baer Racing Brakes

  • The step to make when stopping is as important as accelerating.

How To: Identify Mustang Accessory Tachometers

  • Restoration expert Bob Perkins provides the low-down on ’64-1/2 through ’73 Mustang accessory tachometers.

Mustang Monthly – February 1995

Destined For Change

  • John and Jerry Campbell’s ’65 convertible had it coming.

Candyapple Creation

  • Harold Nix’s quest for the perfect Mustang.

Modified? Believe It Or Not!

  • Hidden modifications for your vintage Mustang can enhance the fun while keeping originality intact.

Slow And Steady

  • Elmo Curry reworked his ’68 Mustang convertible in stages.

The Big Show

  • Is your Mustang club aspiring to put on a big show? Here are a few tips from the three clubs who put on the 13th Annual Cypress Gardens MCA National.

The Convertible Alternative

  • By transforming ’64-1/2 through ’68 hardtops, Driver’s Seat Investments provides a cost-conscious convertible.


  • Bob Becker’s ’66 GT-350: Mods reminiscent of the era play like a classic oldies tune.

Mustang Monthly Spotlight: 1965 Removable Hardtop Convertible

  • Two tops are better than one: A better idea with limited appeal?

5.0 Secrets Bolt-Ons & Beyond

  • Installation tips and common sense advice for getting the most from your performance parts purchase.

Global Warming

  • Sleek, slick and slippery. Erin Madill’s ’93 LX goes as fast as it looks.

How To: Beef-Up Your Aod Transmission

  • With select parts from Baumann Engineering, B&M Automotive and Ford Motorsport/SVO, we prepare an AOD that’ll stomp the venerable T-5.

From Good To Great Saac

  • Car Company put Rick Motley’s limited-edition ’92 Mustang on the performance highway.

Big-Block Badness

  • Timothy Holmes’ 427 tunnel port-powered ’70 Mach 1 doesn’t get many challengers.

Mustang Monthly – March 1995

The Windsor Details

  • How to detail your ’69-’73 Mustang’s 351 Windsor engine.

Cooling Systems

  • How to prevent you and your Mustang from boiling over.

Electrical Systems

  • Tricks for keeping the spark in your veteran pony.

Shelby Anniversary Sfm5r534 The Original R-Model

  • Harris Conner’s unrestored ’65 Shelby GT-350 R-model is the blueprint for the country’s best racing Shelby restorations.

Fuel Systems

  • How to avoid and solve carb, fuel pump and other “fuelish” problems.

Original Boss

  • Jim Fannin’s ’69 Boss 302 proves there’s still a few diamonds in the coal pile.

Generation Ii

  • Wendy and Harold Bradshaw’s ’67 390-powered OT fastback represents the Mustang’s first step into the musclecar arena.

In Mustang’s Image

  • When is a Mustang not a Mustang? A look at today’s and yesterday’s items bearing the Mustang likeness.

Supercharger Open Forum: Part 1

  • Manufacturers answer questions to help you make an informed blower purchase for your 5.0.

Return On Investment

  • Paxton boosts 5.0 performance with the company’s R&D ’95 Mustang GT.

Moving Target

  • Virgil Smith’s Vortech-blown 5.0 Mustang shows just how far Ford’s little pony can evolve.

Round Two

  • After a brief retirement, Mark Linenburg is putting his ’66 convertible back in the ring.

Mustang Monthly – April 1995

Birth Of A Legend

  • In 1965 Ford unleashed the Mustang GT and set the stage for three decades of ponycar performance.

Gt Facts, Fallacies, And Unsolved Mysteries

  • We sort the hoopla from the hooey, and set the record straight on one of Ford’s most popular Mustang options.

Hard Luck Gt

  • Gary McCourt built a champion ’66 GT hardtop in spite of a few lumps.

Ultimate Gt

  • Kenneth Crow owns the best of the best.

R-L2, R-L34a, YOUR MUSTANG AND YOU We Examine What Will Happen To Our Vintage Mustangs And Their R-12 Based Air Conditioning Systems In The Coming Years.

  • Kenneth Crow owns the best of the best.

Mustang Monthly Spotlight: 1969 Gt

  • Wayne Cadman got a big surprise when he bought this ’69 428 CJ GT convertible.

How To: Replace Mustang Fastback Upholstery

  • Our Project ’68 fastback gets new seat buns and covers with the right tools for the job.

The Long Road

  • Rob Timken embarked on a 13-year odyssey to build the perfect Mustang.

How To: Remove And Replace Early Mustang Bumpers

  • A simple procedure made easier with a few “restorer’s secrets.”

The Royal Windsors

  • Ford Special Vehicle Team and Saleen Performance take Blue Blood muscle to the street with the 1995 Cobra R and Saleen Speedster 351-powered Mustangs.

Supercharger Open Forum: Part 2

  • Defining the realities between reliable street performance and all-out racing applications.

Convincing Argument

  • Through luck, and a bit of arm twisting, the Bolla family found excitement in an ’85 GT hatchback.

Five Hot Steps From The Showroom Floor

  • Steeda Autosports shows the first performance upgrades you need for your new 5.0 Mustang.

First Light

  • Jerry and Diane Joyner own what may be the earliest red GT-350H produced.

Mustang Monthly – May 1995

Local Treasure

  • Bob Becker’s ’67 GT-500 traveled through time and 76,000 miles, but never really went far from home.

How To: Reseal A Mustang Power Steering Pump

  • A quick rebuild and refinishing will make your power steering pump look showroom new, and keep your garage clean.

How To: Rebuild A Brake Master Cylinder

  • Don’t throw away that vintage part. A master cylinder rebuild kit can save you money…and show points.

How To: Restore A Mustang Gauge Cluster

  • Put your Mustang’s instrumentation back in action with a few new parts…and a Sunday afternoon.


  • Norman and Lois Miner beat the dealer (car dealer, that is) in Las Vegas.

Vintage Engine Specs

  • Mustang Engine Specifications – ’64-1/2 Through ’73 In-Line Six Cylinder Compression ratio…combustion chamber size…point gap… We’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about your early Mustang powerplant – and some things you didn’t.

Start Of Something Good

  • Eric Mathis entered Mustang Heaven in a ’69 hardtop.

Two Times New

  • John Heim got this Boss 351 brand new – twice.

Friendly Fastback

  • This ’66 GT brought restorer and collector together.

Office Politics

  • Where David Steffey works, the talk around the water cooler centers on horsepower.

Street Or Strip? The Great 5.0 Compromise

  • Can a stock Mustang run respectable drag numbers without major sacrifices?

Forever Young

  • David Bintners’s 1985 GT has low miles and a high profile.

Quick Tech Aftermarket Tachometer Installation

  • Improve launch control and shift timing with an “Auto Gage” Shift-LiteTM tachometer from Auto Meter.

One Man’s Treasure

  • James Dvorak’s ’68 GT fastback proves the old adage right.

Mustang Monthly – June 1995

Go Down Fighting

  • Scott and Ginger Boggs have preserved a fine example of the forgotten performance Mustang of 1969.

Get Back To The Basics

  • Some of the country’s top judges and restorers tell you how to make your Mustang a champ by following the basic rules of classic car restoration.

Family Tradition

  • The Stovall family’s ’65 Mustang fastback is a sheetmetal heirloom.

Restored Plus

  • Austin Kelley’s ’67 GTA fastback is better the second time around.

How To: Replace A Vintage Mustang Clutch

  • The new Hays Performance Clutch kit provides one-stop shopping for your clutch R&R.

Worth The Money

  • Bob Estes paid the price and got the Shelby of his dreams.

Last Of A Grand Breed

  • Van Scalco’s ’73 convertible marked the end of an era.

Building A Better Boss

  • Dave Riley’s second champion ’70 Boss 302 is even better than his first.

How-To: Upgrade Your Six-Cylinder Mustang’s Performance

  • Beef-up your Mustang’s 170, 200 or 250 inline six-cylinder engine with some familiar components.

Driving Force

  • Learning to drive fast and safe takes more than quick reflexes and a heavy foot. Bob Bondurant’s School of High Performance Driving shows you how to do it right.

Quick Tech Late-Model Bumper Refinishing

  • Plasti-Kote’s new Flexible Bumper and Trim finishing kit can help make your Mustang’s bumper look new again.

Power Stroke

  • Our stroker buyer’s guide will show you how to stuff a heaping helping of hidden horsepower into your 5.0- or 5.8-powered Mustang.

Low Miles, High Hopes

  • Freemon and Margaret Fritsche’s 1986 SVO is like new — literally.

Horse With No Name

  • With its rare Mustang option and NOS parts, this ’66 convertible will soon be known by many.

Mustang Monthly – July 1995

Shelby Squared

  • Wild engine and racy looks equals more than your average Shelby.

Mustang Specifications Guide, Part 1 1964-1/2 Through 1970 Small-Blocks

  • Our series on early Mustang engine specifications continues with a detailed look at the legendary first-generation small-block V8s.

How To: Identify Early Mustang V8 Carter Fuel Pumps

  • As you will see, all fuel pumps are not created equal.

Dressed For Success

  • Joe and Barbara Sensebe’s ’68 convertible is stepping high.

Mustang Code Confusion

  • Mustang researcher Jim Haskell answers ten common ponycar code questions.

Tall In The Saddle

  • Larry Berkovich scored another hit with this ’69 Boss 302.

How To: Rebuild A C4 Three-Speed Automatic Transmission

  • Don’t be afraid. Vintage Mustang automatic transmission rebuilds aren’t as difficult as you think.

Desert Sidewinder

  • Ron Mercer’s ’89 GT snakes through the cones in Arizona.

Power Treads

  • At last…the ultimate performance tire guide for late-model Mustangs.

Cobra R: The Untold Story

  • Facts and fallacies on Ford SVT’s 351W factory-built racers.

Bona Fide Build Sheet Mystery

  • This ’65 fastback begs a few questions.

Mustang Monthly – August 1995

Cupid’s Charm

  • Joe Chambers fell for a ’67 convertible.

Mustang Specifications Guide, Part 2 1971-1973 Small-Block

  • V8s We conclude our first-generation small-block engine specifications review with a look at the 1971-’73 302 and 351 cid V8s

Vintage Mustang Tech Tips

  • Make your restoration chores a bit easier with these simple tips from the professionals.

Suspension Theory

  • Tuning, modifying and maintaining your Mustang’s handling components is an easy task once you understand the fundamentals of suspension mechanics.

Pleasing Personality

  • Bill and Carol Kish restored the nobility of this King of the Road.

Memorial Mustang

  • This ’64-1/2 convertible forged a family bond that can never be broken.

Unexpected Treasure

  • Ray Janes’ 1970 Mach I sat for five years before he found it, but it doesn’t sit much anymore.

Phase Ii

  • Former second-generation Mustang designer Dick Nesbitt talks about the development of the “forgotten pony.”

Wiring Harness Restoration

  • Fresh paint, tape and a little elbow grease can put the spark back in original Mustang wiring harnesses.

Late-Model Mustang Tech Tips

  • Often it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Power Driver

  • Gloria Zimmerman takes Blue Oval performance to the street…100 miles a day.

5.0 Burn-Out Techniques

  • If you thought good burn-outs were as simple as dumping the clutch, think again.

How To: Remove A 5.0 Engine

  • A tired Mass Air HO SEFI comes out of the cradle for a performance rebuild.

2+2 = Fun

  • Fred Barkley gets his kicks in a ’65 fastback.

Mustang Monthly – September 1995

Mustang Specifications Guide 1967-1971 Big-Blocks

  • The big, the bad.. and the final installment in our vintage engine specs series

First Look! The 1996 Mustangs Modular Assault

  • So long 5.0. The new Mustang muscle is here…and it’s hot.

How To: Restore A Mustang Distributor

  • Orlando Classic Mustang shows you how to put the spark back into your ‘Vintage Mustang distributor.

How To: Repair And Replace Cowl Panel Air Vents

  • With reproduction patch panels and a little know-how, your Mustang’s cowls can be leak-free.

Original Issue

  • Earl Morris’ 1966 GT-350 is one of the few unrestored original Shelbys still on the street.

Too Hot Shows

  • The first annual Carlisle All-Ford Nationals and The 7th Annual Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup stoked the summertime heat.

Spring Fever

  • Cherry blossoms, princesses and ’72 Olympic Sprint convertibles.

Something Special

  • Cindy and Gordon Land couldn’t part with this ’68 OT hardtop.

Silver Streak

  • An uncommon hue and a heavy option list make Jerry Goodman’s ’66 convertible hard to miss.

Mustang Monthly’s Catalog Section

Mustang Monthly’s International Club Roster

1995 Dech Mustang

  • Catch it if you can.

How To:Install A Late-Model Rear Wing

  • Dugan Racing/Mustang’s “Whale Tail” brings functional styling to third-generation ponies.

The Choice Of Experience

  • Malcolm Stone elects to drive his convertible… into the trailer!

Mustang Monthly – October 1995

The Year Of The Pony

  • Thirty years ago the ’66 Mustang hit the showroom, breaking all sales records and fueling a passion that lives on.

California, Jersey Style

  • The Lundell’s ’66 convertible has traveled a long way to get to its East Coast home.

Restored, Recognized & Rewarded

  • Floyd Scranton’s ’66 Tahoe Turquoise fastback leads the pack.

Head Of The Herd

  • The Justis’ Hi-Po 289 GT hardtop is one of the top jewels in the ’66 ponycar fleet.

Repro Vs. Original Parts Review: 1966 Dash Pad Comparison

  • Grading replacement parts in relation to price, fitment, ease of installation and quality.

Desert Shaker

  • Tom Magyar’s ’70 convertible shines in the southwest sun.

Big And Bad

  • The Baca’s Boss 351 proves that the hefty ponies made the grade.

Driveway How-To: Detail Your Engine Compartment This Weekend

  • A few friends and a fair-weather weekend can take your engine compartment from shame to show.

Prairie Performer

  • The Schafers’ ’89 GT looks good. ..and packs a wallop.

The Most Bang For The Buck

  • At last, the truth behind the elusive ’95 GTS Mustang.

5.0 Mods How To Install A K&N Fipk On ’94-’95 Mustangs

  • It’s easy to install, and creates a hurricane of airflow for your 5.0.

5.0 Mods How To Install Saleen Gauges

  • A new instrument cluster that offers easy installation and a fresh look for ’94-’96 Mustangs.

Mice, Megabytes And Mustangs

  • Plug into the newest wave of Mustang restoration and recreation.

Far Flung

  • John Jerovsek’s Shelby GT-500KR has been to the far places.

Mustang Monthly – November 1995

Road Trip!

  • Four guys, five states, a ’66 convertible, and 2,008 miles in five days–a flirt with disaster, or the ultimate highway free-for-all?

The Pacific-To-Atlantic Mad Dash

  • (or, How To Visit America, Steeda Style)

Weld At Home!

  • Mustang Monthly covers the proper tools, shop setup, use and safety of an enthusiast’s home welding system.

New Directions

  • Mustangs Across America takes a turn north to Washington state, and leads the hobby on a familiar route.

The View From Here

  • Wayne Lee sees the Mustang world from a different angle.

Together Again

  • After 23 Years, Dan Drury has returned his ’72 Mach 1 to one piece

Preserved Performer

  • Shelby’s ’67 GT-500 receives this Pope’s blessing.

Trans-Am Terror

  • The 1970 Boss 302 represented the peak of Ford’s Total Performance Years.

How To: Retrofit Vintage Power Brakes

  • Master Power Brakes has the parts you need to throw away your anchor for good.

Quick Tech: Vinyl Dyeing Basics

  • When your only option is a black vinyl part, dyeing offers a quality alternative.

Late-Model Wheel And Tire Buyer’s Guide

  • Great-looking street, race and drag combinations for ’79-’96 Mustangs.

Summit’s New 342 Hp 5.0 Crate Engine Buildup

  • Follow along as Summit Racing turns our worn 5.0 engine into their first 302 drop in powerplant.

How To: Install ’94-’96 Export Wheel Flares

  • Performance Parts Inc. digs up another rare Ford part for improved late-model styling and protection.

My Way

  • Tom Doerksen wanted something different…and he got it.

Mustang Monthly – December 1995

1967 Green Monster

  • Bill Anderson’s 390 fastback sat at the top of the Mustang line in 1967.

1968 Quarter-Mile King

  • The 1968-1/2 Cobra Jets were the start of something big.

1969 On The Run

  • Mustang hit the big-block highway full-bore in 1969 with the 428 Mach 1.

1970 Hefty Semi-Hemi

  • NASCAR power took to the streets in the Boss 429 Mustang.

1971 Old Champs Never Die

  • Dean Hill’s 429-powered ’71 Mach 1 is running a new race.

Parts Review: 1967-68 Hardtop/Convertible Deck Lid Comparison

  • We compare a factory original decklid to Goodmark Industries’ hot new repro.

Suspension And Steering Detailing Secrets

  • An in-depth look at 1968-70 Mustang undercarriage component details.

How To: Replace Early Mustang Back Glass Weatherstrip

  • …or How To Rope A Wild Mustang Fastback.

Can You Beat ‘Em?

  • Our readers roll their hot street/strip 5.0 Mustangs to the line. Are you up to the Real World challenge?

’96 Gt: You Drive It! New Math, Old Math

  • 4.6 is greater than 5.0 is greater than 4.6. You decide.

How To Diagnose Spark Plug Performance

  • Optimum 5.0 output relates directly to ignition system performance.

Sprint Principle

  • Kenny Brown’s Pony Express extends the Mustang GT’s appeal by borrowing from the past.

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