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Mustang Monthly – January 1997

30 Years: Better Or Worse?

  • Over 30 years have passed and while styles have changed Mustang remains the same.

Option Content

  • Chris and Debra Pennington’s 67 GTA convertible gives the term “loaded” a textbook definition.

Engine Tech: Build A Hot 289

  • PAW matches the aftermarket’s best to create a vintage small-block that beats Ford’s original performer.


  • A road trip–emphasis on “trip”–in a recently acquired Shelby resembles a Three Stooges marathon.

Parts Review: 1967-68 Instrument Bezels

  • Distinctive differences between reproduction and Ford replacements that you need to know about.

Aging In Slow Motion

  • With only 1,800 original miles, this 1973 Mustang convertible is frozen in time.

How To: Power Steering Replacement

  • A simple procedure to take the wanderlust out of your 1964-1/2 to 1970 Mustang.

Simply Classic

  • Richard and Jane Steinkopf like their classic Mustang simple.

How To: Install Door Glass, Regulators, And Latches

  • Part two of our ’68 fastback glass installation article.

Quick Tech

  • Replacing Stereo Illumination Bulbs. In a few short steps you can again read your factory stereo’s LCD panel.

Setting Up Priorities

  • Dirk Gasterland knows what’s important in life.

Tangerine Scream

  • Scott Pigford’s ’93 LX 5.0 has plenty of “vitamin see.”

How To: Replace A Speedometer Cable

  • All late model Mustangs will need a speedometer cable sometime, so look, listen, and learn.

How To: Sn-95 Front Control Arm Fix

  • Steeda Autosports has the answer to your 1994-95 Mustang handling woes.

Born To Mustang

  • Sam Epperson’s 1970 Mach I caps a life-long dream.

Mustang Monthly – February 1997

Seeing Red

  • Kent and Cindy Baker’s 1964-1/2 Hi-Po has them driving mad.

Space And Time

  • With only 22,000 original miles, Tom Alexander’s 1968 coupe has traveled a long way in time, but not very far in space.

Object Of Desire

  • Mike Plott’s ’66 Shelby GT-350 represents the Pony that most of us only dream of.

Mustang Dreams

  • Advice from the Pros will make your Mustang journey a successful one.

Great Resources

  • Seeking To Find, Buy Or Fix Your Dream Mustang? You’ve got some reading to do!

Late-Model Dreams

  • Acquiring a late-model requires that you know the specifics.

Python Rt Mustang

  • At home on serpentine roads.

How To: Disc Brake Detailing

  • Resident Mustang Resto Expert Bob Perkins gives us the skinny on 1968-70 Mustang Disc Brakes.

Vintage Parts Comparo: 1971-73 Dash Pad Comparison

  • Comparing California Mustang’s reproduction to Ford NOS.

Boss Fun

  • Curt Myers understands what the Boss wants.

Maternity Mach

  • Gary and Darlene Baum’s fast track to parenthood.

Svo’s New 4.6 Sohc Heads

  • Four-cam Cobra power for your two-cam ’96-’97 Mustang GT with Ford Motorsport’s latest performance part.

Winning Cobra Rs

  • A status report of the successes of IMSA’s Grand Sport ’95 351-powered Cobras.


  • Rick Underwood’s modified ’67 fastback–rarely does as fine a car cross one’s path.

Mustang Monthly – March 1997

The Perfect Mustang

  • Dick Bridges’ incredible 1,600-mile 1968-1/2 Mustang GT 428 CJ.

Facts & Fallacies

  • The myths and mysteries of the 428/429 big block Cobra Jets and Super Cobra Jet Mustangs.

3,400 Mile Mach

  • Is Bob Perkins’ Ram-Air-less SCJ the lowest mileage unrestored Mach 1?

Shelby’s New 427!

  • Ol’ Shel delivers an awesome aluminum FE block.

Fastest Forward

  • Jack Bells 1970 428 SCJ hardtop could have beat them all.

Super & Rare

  • Bobby Farley’s 429 SCJ Mach 1 was among the last big guns of 1971.

How To: Axle Housing Detailing

  • Bob Perkins’ guide for ’65-’66 Mustang concours-correct detailing from drum-to-drum.

Oe Camshaft Guide

  • Who has replacement cams with stock grinds for vintage Mustang V8s?

White-Hot Shelby

  • The cops couldn’t do what the fire almost did to Patrick Cisilio’s ’68 GT-350

How To: Bolt-On 70 Hp

  • Steeda Autosports sets their aim on the Camaro/Firebird LT1 350 seeking to smoke it with naturally aspirated 5.0 power.

Mustang Monthly Spotlight: 1968 High Country Special

  • Built for the Denver DSO, the GT/High Country Specials offered a marketing concept for a market.

Life In The Fast Lane

  • Following the Mustangs traveling flat out at the Silver State Classic.

Two Things Going For It

  • It didn’t have much of anything, but it was a rust-free GT!

Mustang Monthly – April 1997

Cajun Spice

  • Freemon and Margaret Fritsche hit the Golf coast for a spicy GT

New Vintage Parts For 1997

  • The scoop on what’s hot for the early Mustang crowd.

How To: Interior Makeover Part One

  • Our project 1968 fastback gets frame rail to frame rail carpeting…and a whole lot more.

Hot Late-Model Parts

  • A look at what the industry has to offer the late-model mustang enthusiast.

How To: Rebuild A 1965-66 Door Assembly

  • A reproduction door shell and hardware will end those junkyard junkets.

Desert Gem

  • Dean and Connie Dike knocked the dust off this ’69 GT-350 in record time.

Long Term Love Affair

  • Scott Kauffman has been in love with his Boss since Day One.

Best Parts Catalogs

How To: Replace A Late-Model A/C Clutch Assembly

  • …or, fixing your own A/C problems without a degree in Automotive Technology.

Project Extreme Cobra

  • A little paint, some new tires, bada-bing, you’ve got a show car.

Stripe That Pony!

  • How to install Ford Motorsport’s SN95 Stripe Kit.

Last One

  • Rick Schmidt found the last Fox body Mustang at a dealership.

One Lethal Snake

  • Comer Williams’ 1995 Cobra prowls the South Carolina Low Country.


  • The primary hue of champions? Ned Lankford’s 1970 convertible gives a good argument.

Which Gear For Your Rear?

  • Mustang Monthly shows you how to pick the right rear gear for your late-model Mustang.

Lone Star Pony

  • Ronny Redden’s 1968 fastback roams the Lone Star State in grand style.

Mustang Monthly – May 1997

Snake Chasing

  • David Zech Jr.’s 68-1/2 GT500KR teaches more than a lesson in restoration, but in genealogy as well.

Head Turner

  • Mac Crosswhite has a horse that causes whiplash.

How To: ’79-’93 Door Weatherstrip

  • A new reproduction for ’79-’93 Mustangs offers a budget alternative to Ford originals.

Step-By-Step Trim Tech

  • A compendium of trick tools and pro tips for completing your Mustang project

How To: Vintage Vinyl Top

  • If your top is in sad shape or torn, a new one can be installed in short order.

Who’s Laughing

  • There’s nothing funny about what is under the hood of Morris & Evyone Tyler’s ’68-1/2 GT Hardtop.

California Challenge

  • Bob Christena’s Mach was hard work–and worth the wait.

How To: ’67-’68 Leather Seat Upholstery

  • Pro Products and Distinctive Industries combine efforts to provide a stock-appearing leather for your vintage Mustang.

How To: Late-Model Leather Upholstery

  • E&G Classics’ replacement leather kit is the ticket to high-quality leather replacement.

How To: Cool Late-Model Taillights

  • Classic Design Concepts brings back vintage memories with their new turn signal harness modification kit.

How To: Replace ’87-’95 Headlamp Assemblies

  • KS Reproduction’s new headlamps are the perfect answer for all those late-models with “yellow eyes” out there.

The Coop

  • Is this a really rare Coupe?

Attention Grabber

  • Barry and Shelly Forrester’s Mach 1 was Black and (Grabber) Blue.

Mustang Monthly – June 1997

Ultimate Councours Detailing

  • Bob Perkins shows you how the experts restore their Mustang undercarriages to concours perfection.

How To: Engine Bay Detailing

  • Readying Project ’68’s engine compartment for a fresh 289.

Champagne Jam

  • Mike & Valerie Ogle celebrate the pinnacle of Mustang performance with their 428 Cobra Jet Mach I.

How To: Install A Late-Model Light Bar

  • Classic Design Concepts Light Bar for late-model Mustang convertibles adds a touch of Shelby style.

The Good Fight

  • Gary & Linda Freight relive their youth in a 1965 fastback.

Second Time Lucky

  • Len Simon’s ’68 GT-500 convertible is living large in its “afterlife.”

Wide Thing

  • Nick Varela’s Autokraft-modified 1993 Steeda: Cool to look at, hot to handle.

418 Hp!

  • Edelbrock’s new Performer FE cam and head combo. Wake up that FE dinosaur!

Museum Vote

  • The people behind the vision of a facility celebrating the-Mustang experience want your opinion.

How To: Late-Model Brake Troubleshooting

  • Diagnose late-model brake problems yourself and save money.

His Mustang

  • Although purchased for “Him,” Randy Laughlin still has to fight to drive his 1973 convertible.

How To: ’67-’68 Fold-Down Rear Seats

  • We complete the interior of Project ’68, including the conversion to a fold-down back seat.

Searching For Gold

  • Charles Lambert took his leave of duty, bought a Mustang, and captured the ultimate prize.

Mustang Monthly – July 1997


  • Randy Dunn’s Hi-Po-powered 1967 GTA gives “desirable” a whole new meaning.

The M Files

  • Pony Tales from the edge, as well as left-of-center.

Parts Review: Styled Steel And Magnum 500 Wheels

  • Comparing Specialty Wheels’ repros for Mustangs to the originals.

Late-Model Coil Springs

  • A primer for choosing suspension coil springs for your 5.0 Mustang.


  • Gregg Hillman passes on his penchant for performance in a ’69 GT-500.

Early Spark

  • Gregg Cly’s 1964-1/2 K-Code Mustang is the fuse that lit the Mustang’s high-performance image.

Mister Shivers

  • Victor Garrison’s 1971 Mach has the shakes, but still rolls.

Special Service Saleen

  • One man’s loss provides another man’s hoss.

How To: Repair And Refinish Paint Chip Damage

  • Pro Motorcar Products ChipKit will save you money and keep your Mustang looking good.

Stepping Up

  • The second time Larry and Mary Ligenza tried a 1969 Mustang, they did so in a Mach 1.

How To: Late Model Rear Disc Brakes

  • Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation’s conversion offers 5.0 Mustangs stopping power.

How Chrome Parts Are Restored

  • Mustang Monthly takes you inside the doors of a chroming and polishing shop.


  • Wild fun in the sun with Ford’s hottest bottle rocket.

Murphy’s Law

  • The rules according to Joe Murphy include a ’74 Mustang II.

Mustang Monthly – August 1997

A Saleen Cobra

  • Subtle until you stab it, Rob Timken has a rarity.

Shelby & Saleen: Unplugged – Flat-Out

  • Comparing and contrasting the men and their machines.

The Super Snake

  • David Loebenberg owns a one-of-a-kind Shelby.

From Muck To Marvelous

  • Paul Sandy Jr.’s 1969 Boss 302 looks great now, but you should have seen it when.

1964-1/2 To 1973 Mustang Master Cylinder Detailing

  • More minutiae on the fine art of Mustang restoration.

Long Haul

  • Edwin Fagan drove this Sprint form Michigan to Florida — in December.

Domino Effect

  • Don Zimmer’s 1966 hardtop was just the start.

How To: Vintage Mustang 5.0 Sefi Swap

  • Classic Mustang lines, SEFI performance and economy are only a swap away.

Phoenix Rising

  • From out of the ashes, a champion rolls.

How To: Diagnose Late-Model Cooling Systems

  • We take the guesswork out of troubleshooting your 5.0 Mustang’s cooling system.

How To: Sports Roadster Tonneau Cover Install

  • Here’s a new tonneau cover for your SN-95 Mustang that’s a breeze to remove when the skies threaten.

How To: Assemble And Detail Your Trunk Area

  • We scratch one more item off Project ’68’s to-do list, using top-quality parts from KS Reproductions and Laurel Mountain Mustang.

One Cool Pony

  • Patrick D’Anna’s modified GTA fastback could hold off the next ice age.

Mustang Monthly – September 1997

Parts Review: ’64-1/2 & ’65-66 Mustang Steering Wheels

  • Comparing the reproduction molded steering wheel to the Ford replacement and a worn, but original, example.

Stable Of Keepers

  • Jim Schmidt’s ’67 GTA is one strong horse that isn’t going anywhere.

How To Photograph Your Mustang

  • The best way to get your Mustang in Mustang Monthly is to send top-notch photos of it.


  • Just a few of the all-stars we receive every month.

How To: Improve The Cooling System In Your Daily Driver

  • A new fan shroud and some tricks will keep you on the road.

Vintage Gold

  • An unintended restoraton produces a champion ’65 GT convertible.

How To: ’71-73 Heater Case Restoration

  • The “Lazarus Project” gets new seals, air- conditioner evaporator and heater core.

Weather Stripping, Seals And Gasket Availability For Mustangs

  • Which soft parts for ’65-93 ponies you can’t find in the catalogs and why.

Supercharged Shelby

  • Barry Cord has a red rocket that is supercharged for max output.

Option Fever

  • Dean Hemphill built his ’72 convertible to a unique set of rules–his own.

How To: Install Late-Model Convertible Top Weather Stripping

  • Seal out the elements with new weather stripping from Hydro-E-Lectric.

Nothin’ But Svo!

  • Bud Morton would not settle for anything less.

5.0 Power Part-By-Part!

  • The dyno proves that the sum of one’s parts–not individual bolt-ons–is what makes horsepower.

Cool Blue

  • Ed and Monica Ziobro have the winter blues in Grande style.

Mustang Monthly – October 1997

Restored, Retired, Re-Restored

  • A 1965 GT fastback that came back to the show.

A Powerful Six?

  • Unlock power from your Mustang’s in-line six with the right parts.

Mustang Club Work Days

  • Gather up your club members, your tools, and help thy neighbor.

How You Can Help– Save The Mustang!

  • Extinction or extension? Can Mustang survive to the year 2010?

How To: Restore Cobra Jet Axle Seals

  • Proper service and replacement of 31-spline axle wear sleeves.

Gas Crunch Shelby

  • Dave Zimmerman did not mind the 1970s fuel shortage… at least, not now

Off The Chart

  • Future doctor’s cure for the common gold is an eyeful.

Road Ready ’70

  • Mustang Monthly starts another vintage project. This time, you help us!

We Can Make A Difference! The Pen As A Sword

  • Don Fezell undertook The task of restoring the car that made the Cobra Jet a legend.

75+ Best Catalogs For Mustangs!

How To: Sn-95 Clutch Replacement

  • The SN-95 Mustang clutch is just as susceptible to abuse as the FOX Mustang clutch.

5.0 Power Part-By-Part Ii

  • Back to the dyno to find 55 more rear wheel horsepower with a ’95 5.0 GT.

Our New Project: Road Ready ’90

  • Welcome to Mustang Monthly’s new project car.

White Heat

  • Eric Stehle’s ’96 GT is as ferocious as it looks.

Daily Driver

  • One thing James DeRose’s hardtop has going for it is that it keeps on going.

Mustang Monthly – November 1997

Five Best Mustangs!

  • The editors pick their top Mustangs and invite you to do the same.

How To: Rebuild Vintage Four-Wheel Drum Brakes

  • Our Project ’70 Mach 1 gets a much-needed brake job and safety improvement.

Q Is For Quick

  • George Tyson is lucky enough to own a 351 CJ Mach 1 with a quick quirk.

How To: Fog Light Conversion

  • CJ Pony Parts’ fog light conversion kits will have you seeing the light in a few short hours.

Close Shave

  • Jim Osborn has a GT-500 that is smooth now, but suffered one heck of a nick.

Better Left Unspoken

  • If ponies could talk, this ’66 convertible could provide Dwight Tillman’s tell-all biography.

How To: Edelbrock Performer 351w Engine Buildup

  • A 410-horse Windsor that offers reliability; streetability; and economy at no extra cost.

Happy Return

  • A long-running Mustang love affair reignited by a ’68 hardtop and a kindred spirit.

How To: Install An Aftermarket T5 Shifter

  • B&M’s Ripper shifter comes to the rescue of our Modern Mach.


  • The sum of Kevin Muccilli’s ’89 is more than a bunch of power parts.

Pony Assault

  • The Saleen-Allen Speedlab brings the Mustang back to the 24 Heures du Mans after a 30-year absence.

Holley Systemax Ii

  • Holley’s long-awaited 5.0 kit turns out to like top-end.

Unplanned Preservation

  • Jim Dominiak kept his first new car “new.”

Mustang Monthly – December 1997

Garage Improvements

  • When the chips are down and you perform your own maintenance work, the cry is always more space!

How To: Tilt-Away Wheel Install

  • Ford offered a Tilt-Away steering wheel for the ’67-69 Mustang–now you can add one to your car.

M-T-O Gt

  • John Spencer’s 1966 GT epitomizes the early Mustang’s “Made-to-Order” appeal.


  • Walter and Beth Stenger took time to enjoy their Mustang to the fullest.

How To: 1971-73 Power Window Repair And Resto

  • The solution to windows that whir but don’t wind is as close as Hydro-E-Lectric.

Consoles For The Masses

  • Classic Consoles will hold your drink for you on your way to work or play.

Oooh Yeah!

  • Could it be that the best home improvement Tim Allen made was the GT-500KR?


  • This SportsRoof was built with one purpose in mind–hunting big game in the asphalt jungle.

How To: Classic Cleveland Buildup

  • After a year’s hiatus due to illness, our Cleveland gets new guts and goes for glory.

How To: Replace Your ’83-93 Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor

  • Before you get stuck in the rain with your top at half-mast, install this easy direct replacement.

How To: Install An Aftermarket Converter-Back Exhaust System

  • Our Project Modern Mach gets a new, throaty exhaust note and a better-flowing system.


  • Steve Anderson’s foresight in 1985 resulted in a gem of a GT.

How To Buy For The Mustanger

  • Here are a few ideas to help your holiday search for that certain something.

Who’s Who In The Mustang Industry

  • With this handy guide, the phone numbers and addresses of the people and shops that service our hobby will be at your fingertips.

Open Road

  • Nancy Flanagan enjoys her convertible as she feels Ford intended.

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