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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 1998; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 1998

Twenty Years

  • As Mustang Monthly enters its twentieth year of publication next month, get ready to celebrate with us!

Black Plate Special

  • Jack Bell’s 1965 Shelby GT-350.

How To: 351 Cleveland Detailing

  • Last month we built a hot-performing 351; this month we pull out all the detailing stops.

Svt Cobra Vs. Cobra Jet: Clash Of The Titans!

  • Thirty years separate the mightiest flagships of the Ford line — in 1998, which one is king?

How To: Project ’68 Exterior Bright Work Installation

  • Our fastback gets some shiny, new chrome moldings, emblems and lights.

High-School Crush

  • Ron Bennett’s 1970 Mach 1.

How To: Modified Door Panels

  • Adding visual flair to your Mustang’s interior is as simple as adding new door panels.

Undercover Mach

  • Mike Alameda’s 1971 Mach 1 “007 Car.”

Cockpit Cravings

  • Feeding our interior need with aftermarket cream.


  • Sean Forbes’ 1994 Coupe.

Drive-Thru Dohc

  • Mustang Cobra–from floor pan to final inspection.

Ford Marketplace

  • More classified ads than ever before are now inside Mustang Monthly!

Decisions, Decisions

  • Joel Franckowiak’s 1967 GT Fastback.

Mustang Monthly – February 1998

Trailblazing Memories

  • Mustang Monthly celebrates 20 years on the trail.

What It Was And More

  • Ron and Cindy Movinski’s 1966 hardtop.

How To: Install A Convertible Folding Glass

  • Improve your 1965-66 convertible’s looks and rear window view with a folding back glass.


  • Dan Martin’s 1968 Shelby GT-350.

Persistence Pays Off

  • Bob and Beryl Neitz’s 1969 GT convertible.


  • Roger and Debra Healy’s 1973 Grande.

Swap Meet!

  • If you have a vintage car, these events may be your best bets for parts.

How To: Air-Conditioner Compressor Rebuild

  • We tackle a vintage York compressor using a kit offered by Classic Auto Air.

How To: Use Diagnostic Test Equipment On Your Late-Model Mustang

  • Save money by diagnosing and repairing your own ignition, fuel, electrical and drivability problems.

How To: Install A Performance Suspension On Your ’81-93 Mustang

  • Mustang Monthly’s Modern Mach hugs the curves with Kenny Brown’s AGS 3 system.

Knight Ride

  • Karen Knight’s 1988 Saleen.

Mustang By Jaguar

  • Pat Noonan’s modified 1965 convertible.

Mustang Monthly – March 1998

A Keeper

  • Steve and Linda Stoddard’s 1965 GT fastback.

Winning Season

  • Rudy and June Bleakley’s 1969 Shelby GT-500.

How To: 1964-1/2 To 1966 Console Redo

  • Parts are now readily available to help you make your early-model console a focal point to be proud of.

How To: Installing And Gapping Breaker Points

  • A helpful guide for Mustangers who have never been exposed to maintenance of point-type ignitions.

Sprint For The Spring

  • Jim and Glenda Reynolds’ 1968 Sprint convertible.

Shinoda’s Legacy

  • A look at Larry Shinoda’s impressive contributions to automotive design, from the Boss 302 to the Boss Shinoda.

Not An Sr-2

  • Rick Hoetmor’s 1969 Boss 302.


  • Dennis Koons’ 1970 Boss 302.

How To: 1965-66 Disc Brake Detailing

  • The low down on the parts and methods you need to make your brake system shine.

How To: Project “Modern Mach” — Geared For Action

  • We beef up our 5.0’s performance with a 3.55 gear set and 31-spline differential and racing axles.

Manual Of Manuals

  • The strengths, weaknesses, specs and ongoing upgrades to the T5, and an overview of the Tremec 3550 and Borg Warner T56.


  • Bob Egleston’s 1985 GT hatchback

Desert Dream … Or The Nightmare From Nevada

  • Wayne Bowles’ 1971 Mach 1.

Mustang Monthly – April 1998

Show-Going Steed

  • Tim and Brenda Timmins’ 1965 fastback.

Classic Muscle

  • Dean Dike’s 1967 Shelby GT-350.

Hard Bodies!

  • How to find the right restoration shop and make your Mustang’s restoration a good experience.

How To: ’65-66 Bumper Comparison And Installation

  • We compare the new KS reproduction bumpers against Nordan and Ford replacement bumpers.

How To: Install A Quarter Panel

  • The Lazarus Project gets a skin graft via a 1973 New Old Stock quarter panel.

Media Blasting

  • Exploring the different materials used in media blasting to help you choose the right medium and blaster for the job.

Lucky Coincidence

  • Bill Johnson’s 1971 Boss 351.

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

  • Barry and Judy Bergmann’s 1970 Mach 1.

How To: Paint Buffing And Waxing For Your Mustang

  • Resurrect your “dead” paint and bring your Mustang back to show status.

How To: Install Baer Racing Four Wheel Disc Brakes

  • Safety in numbers means four discs are better than two.

Paintless Dent Removal

  • We follow the PDR process as a trained technician makes our Project LX’s dents disappear.

Best Catalogs For Mustangs!

  • The spring edition of our biannual listing to help you find those parts and get busy.

The Ghost

  • Doug Pegos’ 1982 GT hatchback.

Mustang Monthly – May 1998

5 Best Mustangs! Experts Pick

  • Here is just a sampling of the overwhelming response to our November 1997 request for your favorite Mustangs.

Great Texas/California Special

  • Jerry Flowers’s 1968 GT/CS.

How To: Survive Your First Mustang

  • For the first time buyer, a Mustang can be great fun … or frustration.

A Pony Trails How-To

  • Blending how to with where to, we cover Silver Springs past as well as Carlisle and Tulsa future.

How To: Install New Window Regulators

  • New window regulators don’t make your Mustang look hotter, but they do make year pony feel new.

Six-Figure Steed

  • Leonard and Patricia Paquette’s 1966 convertible.

Fire-Engine Red–Maybe?

  • Ray Keiling’s 1969 Shelby GT-500.

How To: ’66 Dash Bezel And Lens Replacement

  • There is no need to stare at a yellowed lens and flaky chrome when you can have your “speedo spruced” in about an hour.

Stroked 5.0 Dyno Test

  • Our 347 Nowak stroker takes its first breath of 93 octane.

Solid Gold

  • John Joiner’s 1989 ASC McLaren convertible.

How To: Modern Mach Leather Interior Installation

  • We recover the seats of our Modern Mach with a presewn leather kit from Texas Mustang Parts.

How To: Install A Single-Key Lock System

  • Performance Parts delves into the mysteries of Special Service Mustang parts, and comes up with yet another useful item for your late-model.

Backward And Forward

  • Randy and Sheila Laughlin’s 1973 convertible.

Mustang Monthly – June 1998

50 Hot Tech Tips

  • Mustang Monthly digs into our bag o’ tricks for some cool Mustang-specific tips.

One Of Many

  • Freemon and Margaret Fritsche’s 1965 hardtop.

An Original-Owner Camaro?

  • Mark and Judy Kulwik’s 1968 Shelby GT-350.

How To: Cylinder Head Pocket Porting

  • Picking up 40 hp from a cast iron head just requires some careful grinding.

Pony Trails: Carlisle And Mid-America

  • Yeee-ha! Grab your boots and hat — we’re going on a trail ride!

A Wild Ride

  • Steve and Tranna Estes’ 1966 modified convertible.

Takin’ A Dip

  • We finally take the big step and have the Lazarus Project chemically stripped and de-rusted.

How To: 1971-73 Battery Detailing

  • This relatively small task will enhance the look of your vintage engine bay in a big way.

Indy Specials

  • Three times the Mustang has led the pack at Indy, and the street replicas still lead in collector popularity.

How To: Replace ’79-93 Window Runs And Moldings

  • Dress up your windows and stop rattles and wind noise, all in an afternoon.

Papa’s Pride And Joy

  • Ralph Papa’s 1969 Mach 1.

How To: Sn-95 Side Scoops

  • Classic Design Concepts puts a pair of late-model scoops in every box.

Roush Racer

  • James Ray’s 1995 Roush Stage 3 convertible.

Generation X Head-Turner

  • Tammy Pickard’s 1967 GTA convertible.

Mustang Monthly – July 1998

Factory Freaks!

  • The strange and wonderful world of Mustangs is full of quirks … we just point out a few of them.

Pony Trails: Mustang Roundup ’98

  • North and west we go to cover the roundup in Bellevue, Washington.

Passionate Mustang

  • Jeff Krueger’s ’68 hardtop.

Wright Makes Might

  • Mike Wright’s ’70 Mach 1.

How To: Wheels, Tires, And Suspension

  • Add wheels and tires to update your classic pony’ appearance, and bolt on suspension to make it handle.

How To: Torque Boxes And Framerails

  • When the framerails are rotten, you have no choice but replacement. We show you how on a ’65 convertible.


  • Bob Perkins’ ’71 Boss 351.

Bad Rap

  • Ronald and Diane Gall’s ’77 Mustang II.

Bumper Crop

  • We’ve found new information concerning the ’65-66 bumper comparison story.

How To: Replace A Late-Model Mustang Rack-And-Pinion Steering Unit

  • Leaks and poor steering response make our ’91 5.0’s rack a candidate for replacement.

First-Decade Milepost

  • Debbie Blaylock’s ’93 Saleen SA-10.

How To: Sn-95 Alternator Upgrade For ’87-93 5.0 Mustangs

  • Increase your charging system’s capability and still look “Ford” under the hood.

Ford Marketwatch

  • CSX 4000 series.

Mustang Price Guide

  • Limited Production Models.

Equal Time

  • Ken Olsen’s ’65 GT fastback.

Mustang Monthly – August 1998

Choose To Cruise

  • How and where to cruise!

Hood Stripes Aplenty!

  • All the paint on hood stripes you could want from ’64-1/2 to ’73 models.

How To: Rebuild A ’71-73 Steering Box

  • Yes, Ford did install a Saginaw (GM) integral power steering gearbox in ’71- 73 Mustangs.

The Perkins’ Collection

  • Ever wonder what a ’60s Ford dealership would look like today? Bob Perkins has the answer.

The Last Hoorah

  • As the summer of 1998 draws to a close, we set out on our last trail in the wilds of Tennessee.

Hanging Close To Home

  • Ted Parkhurst’s ’70 convertible.

True Blue

  • Stacy Pendergrass’ ’66 GT350.

Family Friend

  • Bill Dellert’s ’66 convertible.

Quarter-Century Keeper

  • Alan Faber’s ’73 convertible.

Wunderscheon Auto

  • Johnnie Garner’s ’67 T-5 convertible.

How To: I-4 Into V-8 Conversion

  • There are good reasons to make the complicated swap from your late-model’s inline four to V-8.

How-To: Late-Model Door Glass Install

  • There’s only one solution for broken door glass–replacement.

Speed Craving

  • Curtis Rookiard’s ’90 Saleen.

Trading Mundane For Mighty

  • David d’Happart’s ’88 sedan and Chris Parker’s ’89 GT.

Mustang Monthly – September 1998

Readers’ Best!

  • Awesome rides inside

How To: Build A 289

  • The heart of Project ’68 gets a bypass

How To: 9-Inch Rebuild

  • Watching Currie Enterprises put together Ford’s 9-inch rearend shows why it’s the best ever made

How To: Dent Repair

  • For those who want to tackle their own repair work, we give you some pointers

Surgeon General’s Warning

  • Nelson Grossnickle’s ’65 GT fastback

Enviable Misfortune

  • David Zech’s ’68 GT500KR fastback

God’s Gift

  • Louis J. Noplos’ ’68 GT fastback

Car 54 Where Are You?

  • Bob Perkins’ ’69 Boss 429

How To: 4.6 Two-Valve Upgrade

  • Steeda Autosports transforms the Two-Valve 4.6 from meek to muscular

How To: A Basic Late-Model 5.0l Tune-Up

  • We take you step-by-step through a 5.0L Mustang tune-up

Franklin–The Last Stop

  • Our last trail ends at an MCA Grand National, and we couldn’t be happier


  • The Bondurant School has some missiles with a mission–to make you a better driver

Power Hungry

  • Jeff Harris’ 1993 Cobra

Mustang Monthly – October 1998

Triple Threat Mustangs!

  • Owners who live on the edge

How To: Detail A Rear Axle Housing

  • The Lazurus Project gets a like-new axle housing, carrier, and brakes

How To: Door Hinge Rebuild

  • Sagging doors can create a nagging problem that is easily fixed in a weekend

How To: Adjusting A Solid Lifter Cam Train

  • With a solid lifter cam in your pony, you need to maintain the correct valve lash

How To: Install A Power Antenna On Your ’65-68 Mustang

  • Here’s a good way to keep your antenna out of harm’s way

Classic Act

  • Jimmy Lawrence’s ’65 hardtop

Near The End Of The Line

  • Perry’ Hahn’s ’69 GT500

California Dreamin’

  • Joanne Hall’s ’68 GT/CS

Rock Solid

  • Brent Burris’ ’90 LX 5.0

Mustang: New For 1999!

  • The latest rendition of the Mustang is here

How To: Rebuild A T5 Transmission

  • If rowing through the gears is getting difficult, it’s time to look inside

How To: 5.0 Engine Detailing

  • Get your 5.0’s go ready for show

How To: Headliner Install

  • Years of grime and heat can devastate your Mustang’s cloth headliner

Mustang Monthly – November 1998

Building The Perfect Beast

  • Tips on building a HOT street Mustang

Multimedia Mustangs

  • Mustang Monthly goes cruisin’ on the information super highway

How To: Small-Block Detailing

  • Our Project ’68 gets dressed for the prom

Originally Awesome

  • Peter Fagan’s ’67 GT fastback

Ii Thoughts

  • Judy Wendland’s ’76 Cobra II

Vintage Racing Edelbrock Style

  • Christi Edelbrock’s ’66 GT350

Ragtop Man

  • Fred Haywood’s ’66 convertible

Better Red Than Dead

  • Low Budget Plus Old Paint Equals a Trip To Maaco

How To: Late-Model Cooling System Upgrade

  • We help the Modern Mach get ready for some serious horsepower

New! Eastwood Home Powdercoat System

  • Coming soon to your garage and easy bake oven

Second Round Reward

  • Anthony Davidson’s ’85 GT hatchback

Excellent Adventure

  • Bob Sommerfield’s ’70 Boss 302

Mustang Monthly – December 1998


  • Exclusive interview with the snake charmer

Carburetor Shootout

  • Autolite vs. Holley

Basics Transformation

  • George Tamsulas’ ’65 hardtop

How To: Heater Core Replacement On A ’64-1/2 To ’66

  • Wet floors are a sure sign that something is amiss in the little hot box.

How To: Disc Brake Conversion

  • Granada/Monarch/Versailles disc brakes on a Mustang.

To The Max

  • Max Leonard’s ’68 GT convertible

First-Time Champ

  • Kelly Hewitt’s ’69 convertible

Divine Providence

  • Steve Yates’ ’66 Supercharged GT-350


  • Jerry Sode’s ’72 SportsRoof Sprint

Pony Trails 1998

  • Looking back from the saddle

Christmas Wish List

  • Even Santa looks here to discover the best Christmas gifts for Mustangers

How To: Concert Hall Sound For Your Late-Model Mustang

  • Crutchfield’s catalog has what it takes to go from mild to wild in aftermarket audio

Language Barrier

  • Maryse Bissonette’s ’94 GT convertible

How To: Holley Annihilator Ignition Upgrade

  • Holley’s new ignition systems increase performance on fuel-injected 5.0s

Fogged Up

  • Fix your foglights to run without the headlights on.

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