1967 Ford and Mustang Exterior Paint Colors

Note: Exact colors may be different based on your monitor and/or printer settings.

67FrostTurquoise B – Frost Turquoise 66CandyappleRed T – Candy Apple Red
67AcapulcoBlue D – Acapulco Blue 67BurntAmber V – Burnt Amber
67BeigeMist E – Beige Mist 67ClearwaterAqua W – Clearwater Aqua Poly.
66ArcadianBlue F – Arcadian Blue 65VintageBurgundy X – Vintage Burgundy
67LimeGold I – Lime Gold 67DarkMossGreen Y – Dark Moss Green
66NightmistBlue K – Nightmist Blue 66SauterneGold Z – Sauterne Gold
68WimbledonWhite M – Wimbledon White 66SilverFrost 4 – Silver Frost
67BrittanyBlue Q – Brittany Blue 67PebbleBeige 6 – Pebble Beige
66SpringtimeYellow 8 – Springtime Yellow

Additional special 1967 colors not represented above were Playboy Pink, anniversary Gold, Columbine blue, Aspen Gold, Blue Bonnet, Timberline Green, Lavender and Bright Red.

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