1973 Ford and Mustang Exterior Paint Colors

Note: Exact colors may be different based on your monitor and/or printer settings.

73BrightRed 2B – Bright Red 73IvyBronze 4C – Ivy Bronze
73MedBrown 5H – Med Brown (Ginger) 73MedYellowGold 6C – Med Yellow Gold
73Red 2C – Red 73MedAqua 4N- Medium Aqua
73GingerGlow 5J – Ginger Glow 73Yellow 6D – Yellow
73LightBlue 3B – Light Blue 73MedGreen 4P – Medium Green
73Tan 5L – Tan 73MedBrightYellow 6E – Med Bright Yellow
73MedBlue 3D – Medium Blue 73DarkGreen 4Q – Dark Green
73MedCopper 5M – Medium Copper 73GoldGlow 6F – Gold Glow
73BlueGlow 3K – Blue Glow 73LightGreen 4S – Light Green
73MedOrange 5N – Med Orange 73White 9A – White
73BrightGreenGold 4B – Bright Green Gold 73LightPewter 5A – Light Pewter
73LightGoldenrod 6B – Light Goldenrod 73PearlWhite 9C – Pearl White

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