Mustang Suspension Removal

Front_01 037Project Playboy is near the end of the disassembly process with only the mustang suspension and lines awaiting removal. This section of the disassembly strategy involves removing the suspension components from the Mustang.

Should you remove all of the suspension

My strategy for the suspension will leave a few remaining parts of the suspension so the Mustang can be rolled up onto a trailer and head off to the paint shop. The parts that will remain on the car are the front spindles, upper and lower control arms and coil springs; the leaf springs and complete rear housing will also remain attached to the car.

Front suspension

Remove the strut rods and sway bar: The strut rods don’t have to be removed from the Mustang before going to the body shop but I want to have them available to restore while the car is out getting painted. Removing the strut rods takes a lot of torque and required a breaker bar and a one inch deep socket.

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Front_01 037The final pieces to remove from the front suspension are the outer shock tower and shock absorbers.

Removing coil spring requires a coil spring compressor, however the coil spring will remain on the Mustang until later.


Rear Suspension

Random_03 017The rear suspension will mostly stay attached to the Mustang so the rear end stays on the car so it can be rolled around while getting ready for paint.

There are just a few items to remove from the rear suspension: The inner and outer axle bumpers, and shock absorbers.

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