Planning and Organizing Your Restoration

Planning1 011[3]Now its time to do something with all those parts that were removed and shelved back when you disassembled your Mustang. If you shelved your parts in groups as I did back in Section 2. Mustang Disassembly then your pretty organized which will make things a lot easier during this planning and procedures phase of the restoration.

This phase is one of the most time consuming and laborious steps to get through, but the results should be very rewarding when the project is complete.

Planning1 014Throughout this section I will reorganize the parts into projects and task based groups that will be more manageable and easier to execute. This approach will keep things focused and task based allowing me to budget each group, locate and purchase parts, restore the group and ultimately concentrate on assembly when the Mustang returns from the body shop. I’ll also have my parts needs sourced out so I can plan on dealing with any backorders that may put hold up the progress.

Knowing what Classic Mustang parts may be on backorder ahead of schedule is nice. If you’re planning your restoration and want to know; send AAPD.NET your parts list and they’ll get back to you with stock status.

I’ve come up with a ten step process to sum it up.

  1. Regroup parts into task based projects
  2. Photograph project group
  3. Inspect and build parts list for the group
  4. Don’t forget supplies and tools
  5. Shelve the group
  6. Validate parts list new/used
  7. Locate and purchase parts
  8. Restore the group
  9. Shelve the group
  10. Assemble the Mustang

I ran steps 1-6 above on the first couple of groups and then placed my first order for the interior group, then repeated 1-6 on the remaining parts while my initial order was on its way from the parts warehouse to me.

Major advantages

  • Dirty work is done while Mustang is at the paint shop
  • Parts are sourced out ahead of time so you can deal with backorders
  • I can focus on assembly when the Mustang returns
  • Allows me to budget by project group
  • It’s task based so it stays organized

The interior group will be the first to be restored and posted to this section followed by the rest of the groups in some sensible order that I have not determined yet. Below is the list of project groups I’ve already staged up to step six above.

  • Brakes (Pedal, Front Brakes, Rear Brakes)
  • Decals
  • Doors and Windows (Doors, Quarter window, vent window, windshields)
  • Electrical (Engine, Headlight and Turn Signals, Interior, Tail Lamps)
  • Drive Train (Engine, Transmission, Exhaust, Cooling)
  • Exterior (Bumpers, Emblems and Molding, Grill)
  • Fuel System
  • Hardware
  • Interior (Heater, Dash, Floor, Seats, Steering, Trim)
  • Rubber
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Supplies
  • Trunk
  • Wheels
  • Wiper

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