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Preparing for Disassembly

tools 003A complete Mustang restoration will require removal of every part, and keeping those parts stored and organized is important throughout the entire restoration process. A disassembled Mustang takes up twice as much space as an assembled one so you should consider how to prepare your workspace. You should also have a disassembly strategy, a few supplies and of course some tools. Continue reading Preparing for Disassembly

Wiring Harness and Under Dash Removal

This step in the disassembly strategy is focused on removing the Mustang wiring harnesses from this classic mustang. Before I can remove the main under dash harness there is quite a few items that need to be disconnected and removed, some of these items have already been prepared for removal during the last phase of the disassembly strategy “engine compartment”. Continue reading Wiring Harness and Under Dash Removal